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TSHP134: Time to Rethink Your Plans for 2016?

What’s Coming This Episode? A new year is upon us which means only one thing – new year resolutions! But should it? Or are they the right resolutions? A different take from team LITP. Happy new year everyone! Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has written a few […]

New Year 2016

You Can’t Have New Beginnings Without Endings Each New Year we talk about new beginnings. About how we need to look forward to the year to come, make resolutions and build the future that we want and desire. For many of us this never really happens and each year becomes the same old, same old […]

TSHP133: How is Christmas for you?

What’s Coming This Episode? Christmas is supposed to be a time of pure joy – gifts, food, family and friends. What’s not to like? For some it can be a tricky time though so Sean and Ed thought they’d have a chat about how to cope with the stresses and strains. Happy Christmas to all […]

How is Christmas for You?

Here Comes The Sun Last weekend I went to the supermarket and I was wearing sandals and a tee shirt… Something is wrong! It should be cold, I should be wrapped up with a scarf and gloves and trying to keep warm. When the scientist predicted the idea of global warming they suggested ‘warm wet […]

TSHP132: The Importance of Lifelong Learning

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s official. Your education did not end when you left school. Guys, you gotta keep learning till the day you day (and that day will more than likely appear much later than if you give up on learning early on). Lifelong learning is a must and here’s why… Enjoy the show, […]

Life long Learning

Never, never, never give up! When I was a child we had fireworks every November 5th. On the box were written the instruction “light the blue touch paper and retire”. Later this was developed to “stand well back”. Now, I think that is what people do when they embrace the idea of retirement, they stand […]

TSHP131: How to cope when the kids leave home

What’s Coming This Episode? We build incredible relationships with our children, but at some point we have to trust that we’ve done a good job and let them head off into the big, sometimes bad, world. For some this is straightforward but often it can be extremely tricky. A podcast for parents this week… Enjoy […]

When Kids Fly The Nest

This week a listener, Angela, sent us a message… “My daughter is in her second year at university and I miss her terribly. I realise I gave her the wings to fly and I want her to use them but it’s hard sometimes. I am better this year as I have done it once already […]

TSHP130: Why Do We Fall In & Out of Love?

What’s Coming This Episode? Love has many stages, all of them weird and wonderful in their own unique way. There’s that moment we first lay eyes on ‘the one’; the honeymoon period; the moment a child arrives on the scene and don’t forget the breakup. It’s time for a podcast about relationship… Enjoy the show, […]

Falling Out of Love

Jo sent in a message requesting a podcast about relationships that she suggested was from a male point of view. Having spoken to some male friends she came up with two analogies that describe a certain male way of looking at relationships. I suspect that it is not simply males and that many females have […]