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TSHP221: Healthy ways to deal with stress

What’s Coming This Episode? Stress is the topic under discussion this week. Do we need stress? Is it unavoidable? Can we manage it in a healthy way? Over to Sean and Ed… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s Sean’s blog post for the topic, well […]

Healthy ways to deal with stress

In a world where at least 60% of people suffer anxiety, 45% report being stressed and 45 million working days are lost each year to stress and anxiety, we just might consider doing something about it. Beyond taking medication we can all learn to moderate our anxiety and stress in healthy ways. Live In The […]

TSHP220: How to gain more time every day

What’s Coming This Episode? Last time we checked there were 24 hours in each and every day. For many of us this isn’t quite enough so how can we make more time without literally slowing down the rotation the earth? A few tips on time and productivity from Sean and Ed this week… Enjoy the […]

A watched pot never boils

We think of time as a set structural thing and yet our experience of time is really emotional. When you are in a meeting or a presentation and the speaker is uninspiring flat and boring time just seems to drag. Every time that you look at your watch it seems that little or no time […]

TSHP219: How to be an effective communicator

What’s Coming This Episode? Talking is easy. Some talk too much, some not enough. Volume (either sound level or quantity of words) is not always that important, rather it’s how carefully we choose our words. Sean and Ed sit down this week for a chat about effective communication. Enjoy the show and take care, it’s […]

How to communicate effectively

I love it when people talk about communication, they usually mean communications. Communications refers to media, broadcasting and the transfer of information. Many of us believe that when we have transmitted our message that we have communicated. Say, a boss goes into an office and barks demands, instructions and leaves believing that they have just […]

TSHP218: How to Have the Perfect Holiday

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s that time of year. An indifferent summer in the UK means we pack out bags and head south in search of sun, sea, sand and… sanity. But do holidays always help us? Are we having the right kind of holiday? Sean and Ed dive in… Enjoy the show and take […]

How to Have the Perfect Holiday

Wow!, it’s the summer. We generally are hoping that it is hot, but not too hot! In the colder climates of Northern Europe people are heading south to the sun. Topping up their vitamin D and replenishing their energy before the darkness and the cold of the winter to come. In the hotter humid climates […]

TSHP217: How to have difficult conversations

What’s Coming This Episode? Life can generally tick by quite nicely. We hang around with people we like and talk about things we’re interested in. But what happens when we need to get tough? What happens when a difficult and uncomfortable chat needs to be had? Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self […]

Having mindful challenging conversations

Unless you enjoy confrontation or have a psychopathic tendency chances are you do not enjoy challenging conversations. You may need to deliver difficult or unpleasant news, talk about a delicate subject, or deal with something that needs to change or has gone wrong. Sometimes even just thinking about having these conversations can create a feeling […]