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TSHP234: How we let go of our children

What’s Coming This Episode? We can spend a huge chunk of our lives as parents. So what happens when our daily attention isn’t needed anymore? When the fly the nest, to work or university? Attachment theory, grief and finding a new purpose covered in this one… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self […]

Saying Goodbye to our Kids

A listener messaged in asking Ed and I to talk about how to cope with the effects of children leaving the home and in this case going off to university. You spend years developing your family. Your kids have good bits and bad bits. There are times when you could happily strangle them all and […]

Can We Exit Brexit?

Could this be the time to Exit Brexit?? Well, I was beginning to feel that Ed and I were just bonkers with our ‘Remainer’ ideals and then to my great surprise this week a group of German business leaders have suggested, very sanely, that the EU should make some simple concessions that would appease the […]

How do we celebrate death?

A listener emailed asking for a podcast on why do we have funerals? He told a story how both his wife’s Mum and Dad died last year and they wanted their ashes scattered on a particular beach on their wedding anniversary. “We scattered their ashes together in a trench we dug in the sand as […]

TSHP231: Day Job to Dream Job

What’s Coming This Episode? A listener of ours emailed in asking for a bit of help. He is wanting to make the step from his day job to his dream job. Don’t we all? But should we take the leap? Sean and Ed take this one on from all angles… Enjoy the show and take […]

Dream job

We had an email this week asking about making the transition from the day job to the dream job. What would be your dream job? If you could do whatever job you wanted what would it be? Ed, Rie and I all feel like we are doing our dream jobs. We all love what we […]

Where do you get your confidence from?

Imagine there is a party or a gathering of some sort. One person is sat in the corner quietly talking with everyone, greeting people and asking them how they are. Into the scene steps a second person. They come through door dressed flamboyantly, their greeting loud and they automatically demand and get everyone’s attention. Which […]

TSHP230: How can we build confidence?

What’s Coming This Episode? How confident are you? Careful, there’s a danger if you think you’re really confident that you’re really not. Sean and Ed spent 30 minutes or so discussing where it comes from and how we can strike the right balance… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show […]