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Live in the Present (subtitle, Let Go of the Past, Discover Mindfulness and Create your Perfect Future) is the cornerstone and foundation of all of the work we do.

It started life as a course, run by author Sean Orford, in Wirral, UK. Many of the people on the course asked for a ‘pocket version’ of the lessons they’d learned over the 10 weeks and this book is the result of that.

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This Book is a Time Machine

Live in the Present - Book


It’s amazing how few of us actually live in the present. Most are either living in an unresolved past of plotting a future that has not yet arrived. Tomorrow never comes.

Our book begins in the past. It’s time to let go of any negative feelings you may be holding. It’s time to forgive. Next, comes appreciation of the moment. The modern (and trendy) term for this is to be mindful. Mindfulness is where true bliss lies.

You have an almost limitless number of things for which you can be grateful. How about the fact that you’re reading this on your laptop/PC/iPad right now? How about being thankful to the people that made this possible? Literally, thousands and thousands.

The Disclaimer

self-help disclaimer

We like to think that this is the first self-help book that comes with a disclaimer. We want people to know that there are no magic tricks involved. If you’re in a bad place and need to move on, it will take work, and lots of it. The beautiful thing is, though, that if you can be mindful of your journey–of every step you take–it will be truly worthwhile.

Remember, it’s not the future we are concerned with. If you look after the present, the future will take care of itself.

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The Importance of Design

The Importance of Design

Visuals are important. The things we see have a huge impact on the way that we feel. We’ve tried to make Live in the Present as beautiful as we possibly could. Our designer, Edward Lamb, hand crafted the layout of the book, page by page.

Inspiring quotes are littered throughout. Photographs add character and (hopefully) enhance the journey. They also act as important visual ‘cues’ that will help to embed the words directly into your mind.

Remember, it’s not the future we are concerned with. If you look after the present, the future will take care of itself.

More Than Just a Book

More than Just a Book

Books are changing. The old rules of publishing have long since disappeared with the advent of the world wide web.

Our book is available as a soft back and for all major eReaders (the digital version comes complete in .mobi, .ePub and .PDF files).

Beyond that, we’re building a collection of online resources to help you on your way and keep you in the zone. Books can easily be put down and forgotten about. With Live in the Present, there’s no escaping our work. Stay on track via email, Twitter and Facebook. Download wallpapers for your computer or smart phones. Get our free meditation files to use every day. Search our library for other books, films and products that we whole-heartedly recommend.

No more excuses. Let’s start living.

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The secret is nothing on Live in the Present – please try it

Nikki Cross Wirral

Every journey has a first step.
For those who want to change their life & for those who want to be happy but can’t seem to find a way how – it’s not a pot of gold at the end of some rainbow you need or some secret. It’s without doubt “live in the present”. Make it your first step. I did.

Sean Norton Wirral

Thank you, I have downloaded the book and I am loving it 🙂

John Liverpool

Still on Step 1 , but one thing that has amazed me is how I am finding joy in the most mundane and simplest things

Helen Coleburn

BUY THE SOFTBACK (comes with digital versions)BUY THE DIGITAL PACK