Be Mindful

Be Mindful

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious try this:

Imagine carrying two heavy cases wherever you go. Of course, they’ll get in the way and make your arms and back ache. But because they belong to you, you can’t just leave them somewhere.

Now imagine if one day someone says “you can leave your cases right here, just put them down right here on the floor where your standing right now” “but I can’t” i hear you say, because you feel responsible, they’re your responsibility. Trust me, let go and put them down, the sense of relief you will feel is remarkable. It’s an immense feeling of freedom and lightness.

Every day we have choice in how we respond to life events, what do you choose?

With Love,

Rie x

Yoshi Masuda and his Hope Cafe

Learn to be Humble

‘Don’t forget, a human sound is also a wave and it could have an impact as strong as a tsunami…’

Introducing the Hope Cafe. Wonderful.

Directed/Edited/Shot by Mackenzie Sheppard