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TSHP078: Struggling to Empathise?

What’s Coming This Episode? It is often said that to be empathic you need to have walked in someone else’s shoes for a while to know exactly how they feel. Some are good at this and some not so good. Struggling with it? Fear not, it can be learned (or re-learned). Enjoy the show, it’s […]

Can Empathy be (Re)Learned?

There are three emotional states that exist when we connect with other people in a way where we can, or we think we can, feel what they are experiencing. Different people will define these word, feelings, or emotions, differently so let me begin with my own definitions so that it is clear what I am […]

TSHP077: Dealing With Loss

What’s Coming This Episode? If there’s one certainty in life it’s that, for all of us, there will be an end. Dealing with our own is tricky enough to get your head round but, often, the loss of another can be the hardest thing of all. Sean and Ed are chatting about loss this week […]

Change, Loss and Moving On

Loss assumes that we own something. We cannot lose what we do not have or own. This may seem obvious when we are talking about losing a watch or having a wallet stolen, if our house is burgled or the contents of car taken. Yet, there are many levels of loss that are not material. […]

TSHP076: Goal Setting – How High Should You Aim?

What’s Coming This Episode? Goals. Some say they’re good, some aren’t so sure. Does the risk of failure and potential negative issues from that outweigh the glory of conquering that personal mountain? Who know? Perhaps Sean and Ed can shed some light on the issue… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes […]

How Important is Goal Setting?

Is setting goals worth it? When we were doing the podcast for this week Ed asked me what my goal was. My response was that to arrive at the end of my life with a smile on my face would be a good goal. I reckon to be smiling at the end would suggest that […]

TSHP075: Learning When to Say No

What’s Coming This Episode? The title of this show is a little misleading as you’ll quickly realise. Sean isn’t a big fan of negative words and ‘No’ is pretty much as negative as it gets. Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s a link to this week’s blog post […]

Never Say “No”

“No” is such a negative word. It is short, sharp and creates an ending. When I was trained in the science of Mantra it was suggested that M and N were directly in the middle of the alphabet and that the ‘M’ sound involved closing the mouth and gathering energy in hence the mantric sounds […]