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TSHP325: Do You Need a Life Plan?

What’s Coming This Episode? Life can flash by in the blink of an eye, so is it best to have a plan? A list of things you want to see and do? Sean and discuss the ins and outs of a life plan… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show […]

Do You Need A Life Plan

I have just been reviewing and editing my new book, that will be published next year. “Out Of The Blue”. I was going over the part about free will. It seem very relevant that I am now writing this blog. One of the big issues that I deal with in the consulting room is the […]

TSHP324: How to deal with exam result stress

What’s Coming This Episode? Exams may be a distant memory for many, but those in the thick of it they can be a huge source of stress. Not getting the results you need might give you the idea that you’re future is on the line. Spoiler alert: it’s now. Still, managing the stress can be […]

TSHP323: Time for some tough love?

What’s Coming This Episode? In a recent show we talked about the importance of valuing our time with our kids before they grow up. This week we’re talking about tough love. Sometimes the people we love need a nudge… and sometimes we need to dish out some tough love on ourselves. Enjoy the show and […]

TSHP322: Why Do We Fall For Populism?

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s fair to say that our politics is a little fractured at the moment. Everything is black or white. Yes or no. In or out. Leave or remain. There’s a certain type of politician that seems to promise the world even though we know what they are saying cannot be delivered… […]

Why Do We Fall for Populists?

OMG it has actually happened. I thought that somewhere along the line people would wake up and reject this idea. May has departed and BOJO has arrived and amazingly Trumpy says that BOJO is the British Trump and that we all love him….help….!!!! Somebody once said something like, ‘those that want to be leaders should […]

TSHP321: Why Holidays Are Bad For Us

What’s Coming This Episode? What if we’ve been getting it wrong all this time. What if holidays are actually making us more stressed, less healthy and with poorer relationships?? Happy holidays, folks! Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has written a blog post to accompany […]

Happy Holidays

Wow!, it is the summer. We generally are hoping that it is hot, but not too hot.  In the colder climates of Northern Europe people are heading south to the sun. Topping up their vitamin D and replenishing their energy before the darkness and the cold of the winter to come. In the hotter humid […]