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Archive | March, 2014

TSHP043 Dealing with (and Avoiding) Separation

What’s Coming This Episode? The statistics on divorce are fairly well known and, on the face of it, rather bleak. Still, we’re living long and healthy lives and, knowing what we know about how people develop and change, then moving on from long term relationships should be something that we’re better prepared for. Agree? Disagree? […]

TSHP042 Happy for a Day

What’s Coming This Episode? For those listening to this on March 20th 2014 (the date we published it), sound the klaxons – it’s the UN International Day of Happiness! Happiness is a bit of a fuzzy concept and can mean a million different things. One thing’s for sure though, EVERYONE is searching for it. Take […]

TSHP041 – Dealing With Anger

What’s Coming This Episode? Grrrrrrrr. Anger! Angry boys. Angry girls. Angry Birds. We’re all susceptible to the red mist, dealing with anger comes easier to some more than others. It’s negative sides are all too apparent, as emotion spills into violence. Not good. Violence resulting from anger is a clear sign that one or both […]

TSHP040 – Envy & Jealousy

What’s Coming This Episode? Envy, one of the seven deadly sins, is something that a good chunk of the population will struggle with at some point. The thing is, envy, desire, jealously, et al. are all forms of anxiety – we’re projecting forward to a future that is not yet here. It’s not all bad […]