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Archive | May, 2018

TSHP260: How to break up and remain friends

What’s Coming This Episode? Sometimes relationships come to an end. It happens every day. They tend to end with a bang – an explosive finale from which there is no recovery. But can they end well, with both parties still on good terms? It can happen, but rarely does. So what’s the secret of a […]

How to break up and stay friends

We have visited this topic on several occasions for a variety of reasons. Usually this is in response to a request from a listener after the Christmas and New Year festivities that mark the beginning of the divorce season. That period just after New Year happens again at the end of the summer holiday in […]

TSHP259: A Podcast About Privacy & Trust

What’s Coming This Episode? Everyone is talking about privacy at the moment… but generally it’s in the form of digital privacy thanks to some clever (and necessary) new data laws pushed through by the EU. Digital privacy is one thing (we’re updating our policy here at LITP of course) but why are some people more […]

How important is privacy to you?

On the 25th of May the European world changes and all those organisations and companies that keep records or our personal detail will now have to ask our permission to keep them and to explain on what basis they are keeping them. You may, as I have, been inundated with emails asking if you want […]

TSHP258: Mental Health Awareness FAQ

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s Mental Health Awareness Week as I type this but in reality our awareness for friends and family that are suffering should extend 24/7, 356. Let’s dive in and discuss the ins and outs… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s Sean’s […]

Post Traumatic Growth (PTG)

Here we are in mental health week, the year goes by so fast. I want, in this blog to consider if we can learn from what happens to us. Do we have the ability to change in a meaningful way? When I think about this it seems that the rules of our physical health also […]

TSHP257: How to love the in-laws

What’s Coming This Episode? A relationship comes with many things, one of them being… more people! Building a relationship with your partner is worthwhile and takes work, but often we can forget that working on the relationship with his or her family can be just as crucial… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The […]

How to love the in-laws

It was like speed podcasting today. Ed was on a mission as he had to be at a meeting and I had arrived on my bike having left the car to be fitted with a tow bar to take a new bike rack so that we can go cycling in National Trust properties and Delamere […]

TSHP256: The Sound of Silence

What’s Coming This Episode? Silence is a funny thing. For most people, it simply doesn’t exist. As soon as we’re awake the TV or radio is on and the phone is pinging away with notifications. So why have we arrived at this place where so many of us are desperate to fill every available slot […]

The knowing silence can be a teacher

On the podcast this week Ed and I were asked to talk about silence. Avoiding the desire to just sit in silence for half an hour, we looked at what it means to avoid noise. It made me laugh because I had just come off line talking with someone who had just completed a Vipassana […]