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TSHP160: How to be Happy

What’s Coming This Episode? Happiness is a journey, not a destination – or so goes the saying. It’s a strangely elusive this but we often don’t help ourselves by surrounding ourselves with miserable people or constantly digesting bad news. But Why??! Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean wrote […]

How to be Happy

Is happy news good? As a psychotherapist I have worked with thousands and thousands of people as individuals, couples and, groups. There have been those that are naturally happy and positive and those who see the world from a negative point of view. Over the years I have learned what it is that makes happy […]

The Rhythm of Life

In this weeks podcast we had Steve with us, the master drummer who spends his time helping people find their beat, lovely guy doing amazing work! The universe has a beat, it has a rhythm. The whole of creation moves at a pace. This is the rhythm of life. Are you living in time or […]

How to Live in the Present

Choice This weeks podcast included our good friend David who came on the LITP course as a student and then joined the team and led all of the practical exercises. We were talking about how doing the course had changed his life. The issue that it raised for me is that of choice. Many of […]

TSHP156: Why Do We Fear Outsiders?

What’s Coming This Episode? The EU debate and upcoming referendum is about many things but one of the key issues is around immigration. Ed & Sean felt it was time to talk about outsiders and why we seem to have an almost inbuilt distrust of people from the other side of the hill, river, sea […]

Fear of the unknown – the EU debate

This week Ed and I were talking about the EU referendum and the Brexit campaign and the fear that we hear around us about the fear of change and the unknown. Are you a ‘innie’ or an ‘outie’? Most of the people around me are talking about our relationship with Europe from the fear of […]