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TSHP280: Take Some Responsibility (It Will Help, Trust Us)

What’s Coming This Episode? How often do we shirk responsibility? How often when, given the choice, do we face up to our problems instead of running away from them? Sean and Ed have both met with ‘interesting’ road-related issues in the past week, incidents where the perpetrators fled the scene. Let’s talk about responsibility… Enjoy […]

TSHP279: World Mental Health Day

What’s Coming This Episode? October 10th is World Mental Health Day. It feels as though mental health is only just starting to be discussed openly and honestly. It’s hard to quantify just how big of a problem poor mental health is but, with 800,000 suicides globally each year then it’s safe to say we’ve got […]

TSHP278: What do we do when disaster strikes?

What’s Coming This Episode? Disaster has struck in Indonesia this week – a huge earthquake and tsunami has claimed the lives of many and left countless others homeless. Once the shock of an event like this has passed, how do we come to terms with our loss? Also, disaster can take many forms, so how […]

TSHP275: Trial by Twitter

What’s Coming This Episode? Social media has given us immense power. We can contact almost anyone at any time and share our thoughts with them. Ain’t that wonderful? Well, not always. People are learning some HARD lessons about how to wield this power. Are you ready to learn those lessons the easy way? Enjoy the […]

TSHP274: How can I tell if I’m being taken advantage of?

What’s Coming This Episode? We know advertising works. If it didn’t businesses wouldn’t fork out so much on it. But when does a harmless advert become a sinister online stalker? What happens when the technology of online advertising is used for darker purposes? Most importantly, how can we prepare ourselves to spot it coming? Enjoy […]

TSHP273: How to deliver bad news

What’s Coming This Episode? We preach positive things here at LITP, but some times bad things happen to good people. So what happens if it falls on you to deliver bad news to a friend or loved one? Is there a right way to do it? Of course there is! Over to Sean and Ed… […]

TSHP272: Why am I so cautious?

What’s Coming This Episode? Why are some folks more cautious than others? Do we need to hold a little back for survival or do we worry too much and miss out on big opportunities in life? Let’s dive in… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s […]

TSHP271: How to make difficult decisions

What’s Coming This Episode? Decision making. It should be so easy. Make one and move on! The reality ain’t se clean cut. A million different scenarios can run through our heads. Who might we upset? What are we risking? It’s time for a podcast on decision making… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The […]