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TSHP425: Depression Could Be A Key To Happiness

What’s Coming This Episode? Do you or does anyone that you know ever suffer from depression or anxiety? If you so do you know what it is that is underlying the symptoms? It’s hugely common of course… and perhaps to the point where we all need a bit of it to keep us going. Let’s […]

TSHP424: Anger can be a useful emotion

 What’s Coming This Episode? We often see anger as a negative force. Though it can be a very creative and useful force. When our anger is stuck out the front of us it is in the way. It becomes a battering ram that bashes into other people and becomes destructive. When it is behind […]

TSHP423: Tame Your Anxiety

 What’s Coming This Episode? Anxiety is a good thing. It has kept us safe throughout evolution by keeping us aware of potential threat and danger. Anxiety disorder is when we worry about things may or will never happen. This is a debilitating disorder that may require medication or therapy. With COVID piling on the […]

TSHP422: Cyberchondria (or Google-itis)

 What’s Coming This Episode? Cyberchrondria has been with jus for many years. I always called it Google-itis. It is when the patient or the client has become so well informed about their condition that they often know more about it, or think that they know more about it, than their doctor or therapist. Let’s […]

TSHP421: Loving Kindness the Practise of Metta

 What’s Coming This Episode? Scientific evidence shows us the positive effects of doing kind acts for others as well as receiving or even witnessing kindness. Neuropsychology measure the increase of the positive endorphins in the brain that enhance our sense of well bing. Even the smallest act of kindness can change a life and […]

TSHP420: What’s the point?

 What’s Coming This Episode? Following on from recent podcasts, this week we want to look at the meaning of life. Many of us see ourselves as not who we but by what we do, which takes us back to the idea are we human beings or human doings. What is the point? Well, let’s […]

TSHP419: Truth, Lies & Frustration

 What’s Coming This Episode? Whatever happens with lockdowns and easing the issue will always be the same. We all need to survive this thing called ‘life’. Success at any level of life takes commitment and time and consistent and persistent action. Time to be persistently and consistently kind and we might just make it. […]

TSHP418: Creating your safe place

 What’s Coming This Episode? At times of stress we all need somewhere to go that is stress free to relax and rest our system. This reduces stress hormone and blood pressure improves mood and makes us happier. At the present time the need to get away from the stresses of everyday life have rarely […]

TSHP417: Competition – Is Winning Worth It?

 What’s Coming This Episode? There’s no getting away from completion. It starts at an early age when we start taking tests at school and continues on through our business and social lives. But is it a healthy thing? It put a man on the moon, for sure, but has also lead to some awful […]

TSHP416 – Look Back, Let Go, Be Positive, Move Forward

 What’s Coming This Episode? Just take a step back to the same time eighteen months ago, what were you expecting of 2020/21? I doubt that you were expecting was what has actually taken place. As we and our communities are starting to get moving again we need to take the time to stop and […]