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TSHP469: Power, Win, Lose

What’s Coming This Episode? All around us people enact their power in order to win. It might be that we are at a crowded bar trying to get a drink so that we and a whole group of other people are trying to gain the attention of the bartender to get their order met. Who […]

TSHP468: Is It Better To Be Polite Or Honest?

What’s Coming This Episode? Is it better to be polite and to say what you know, or think you know the other person wants to hear. Or to be honest and say what you actually think or feel? Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Read Sean’s blog post for […]

TSHP467: Leadership & Kindness

What’s Coming This Episode? Kindness is a fundamental aspect of all successful human communications and relationships. In many ways we can’t talk about kindness enough. You would expect me to say this because I always do… …If we all look after each other we will all be okay… We all have such great potential for love, care […]

TSHP466: Lessons From Amsterdam / Finding our FLOW

What’s Coming This Episode? Ed & Sean are back from 4 days in the city of Amsterdam. It’s a funny place to come back from – most friends and family have made quips about getting stoned, drunk or hanging out with strippers. However, we were there on a mission to see how a functioning city […]

TSHP465: You’ve Got To Laugh

What’s Coming This Episode? There is a time in the madness of the world when I guess all that you can do is laugh. At this time it can be easy to feel that there is nothing good happening in the world. We have covid and the ongoing effects of covid, real wars and not […]

TSHP464: The Power of a Smile

What’s Coming This Episode? Keep smiling. It’s Sean’s favourite sign off for each episode! Easy to say, and for some it’s easy to do. But do we know the science of smiling? Can smiling be ‘learned’ or is it instinctive for some and not for others? Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show […]

TSHP463: Is Generosity the Key to Happiness?

What’s Coming This Episode? With covid, food banks and the Ukrainian war the concept of generosity and giving comes, for many of us, clearly into focus. Often we feel helpless in the face of all the trauma and the need to give something can ease our emotional burden and make us feel better. How much […]

TSHP462: Holidays in the UK are the future?

What’s Coming This Episode? Between the 1950s and the 1970s Britains favourite holiday destination was Britain. The West Country was heaving with people, not only from the UK but, from all over the world. COVID taught us to appreciate our local environment more and now a fuel and energy crisis looks to do similar. Can […]