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TSHP364: Truth & Authenticity

 What’s Coming This Episode? Truth is a tricky thing to explain. A dictionary can explain it in a few words but, as ever, reality is quite different. The truth is in the news a bit this week, so Sean and Ed dive in to see what they can discover… Enjoy the show and take […]

TSHP363: Mental Health Awareness Week

 What’s Coming This Episode? It’s a mad old world right now but there’s still room for kindness. There’s ALWAYS room for kindness. It’s mental health week in the UK and the focus is on just that, so let’s have a chat… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes […]

TSHP362: Alison Blackler – Writing Your Story

 What’s Coming This Episode? Our lives lead us all down different paths. We all have different stories. Alison Blackler, author of A Path Travelled, has a story worth telling. The book is packed full of lessons we can all take with us, so we invited her on to talk about her path and how […]

TSHP360: PTSD – Anxiety following a traumatic event

 What’s Coming This Episode? Over the last few weeks we have been diverted from our planned series on anxiety to deal with various Covid19 issues that have arisen as the lockdown has, in different ways, affected us all. This weeks podcast completes our anxiety series and topically examines the disturbed and unresolved feelings that are […]

TSHP357: Staying Positive During the Lockdown

What’s Coming This Episode? The lockdown continues in the UK and around the world – it will be with us for a while. New routines and habits are being formed. Struggles remain, but hope exists and good things are a’happening. Sean and Ed take a look at some of the positives from #COVID19… Enjoy the […]

TSHP356: Finding the Positives

What’s Coming This Episode? Well, we’re all settling in to our new way of living. It’s hard, for sure. Many feel trapped or disillusioned. Some feel a deep sense of loneliness or loss. However, are there some upsides to our new world? Is it OK to embrace certain aspects of it? Enjoy the show and […]

TSHP355: How’s everyone doing? #COVID-19

What’s Coming This Episode? The world has tilted on its axis in a matter of weeks. There’s pain and anxiety, but there is hope too. Sean and Ed dive in for a quick catchup on where we’re up to and setup the possibility of greater things to come for us all… Enjoy the show and […]