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TSHP515: Nature and Mental Health 

What’s Coming This Episode? This week we are revisiting our relationship with nature and the effect that it has on our mental health and wellbeing. Finally the rain seems to have stopped and we are enjoying some sunshine. I was reminded of when I was looking out of the window of my apartment in Doha […]

TSHP514: Processing Trauma

What’s Coming This Episode? Currently the world seems a not very safe place, the news is full of war reports and stabbings in schools. Alongside this are all the reports of violent shop lifting and assaults on care staff in the NHS. More and more counselling clients are sharing their anxious concerns for themselves and […]

TSHP513 – The Barnum Effect (Revisited)

What’s Coming This Episode? This week Ed and I were talking about the effects of persuasion and how people can seem to gullibly just believe anything. I was explaining about the Barnum effect. Barnum was the great circus master who was into the concepts of illusion and fooling the audience into believing that what they […]

TSHP512: New Beginnings

What’s Coming This Episode? An episode recorded near Easter which enabled us to chat about new beginnings. Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s Sean’s blog post for the week The ‘new’ oldest man in the world Stay in Touch We’re all over the web, so feel free to […]

TSHP511: Gossip, rumours and conspiracy theories 

What’s Coming This Episode? Social media is full of conspiracy theories. Currently those about Katherine Princess of Wales are rife. There is great interest, in certain groups, as to whether the stories about her abdominal surgery and public appearance and photograph are real or fake. The thing that interests Ed and I is why is […]

TSHP510: Good things about where you live

What’s Coming This Episode? The idea of needing to get away would suggest that where we are is never really good enough. I get it that the act of taking a break, of doing something different, is stimulating and often relaxing but the question got me thinking about do we appreciate where we are and […]

TSHP509: Can you feel the love?

What’s Coming This Episode? Well Valentine’s has been and gone, the day of love, how was it for you? we often have talked about mood boosts and love, feeing loved, being loved and sharing love they are right at the top of positive mood, self esteem, raised energy and wellbeing. The magic is in ‘feeling’ […]

TSHP508: The Power of a Smile

What’s Coming This Episode? Following on from last weeks look at the potential of global conflict. A listener reminded me of this and asked ‘why don’t we just encourage everybody to smile at each other?’ An excellent question! Let’s discuss… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s Sean’s blog post […]

TSHP507: War – Is it ever right?

What’s Coming This Episode? Ed and I did a similar episode in 2019. The issues of war and potentially a world war were on us then and, sadly, very little seems to have changed. Over the last few months the people visiting my consulting room have been more and more concerned about the potential for […]

TSHP506: It’s 2024! A year of choices…

What’s Coming This Episode? Ok, so it is New Year! Standing at the beginning of 2024 you, and I, will be making choices about how and what this year will be. 2023 will certainly be a year to remember and for many perhaps a year to forget. People tell me that is is as though […]