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TSHP450: Ignore the Blue Monday Hype

What’s Coming This Episode? Blink and you may have missed it… but ‘Blue Monday’ has been and gone – the (apparently) bleakest day of the year. Should we believe the hype? Can we avoid it completely??! Of course we can! Let’s dive in… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links […]

TSHP449: So You’re Considering a Career as a Therapist…

What’s Coming This Episode? Sean and Ed (OK, mainly Sean) are always dishing out advice. Sean does it for a living. Could you? A career in therapy can be hugely rewarding. Obviously it’s not without a certain amount of risk – you’re letting yourself in for a lot of sensitive information that can weigh heavily […]

TSHP447: New Years Resolution’s 2022

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s that time again! The calendar clicks across to a new year and we are given the chance to set some serious goals for ourselves. How do we stick to them? Are they the right goals? How to we stay on track?? Happy new year! Enjoy the show, it’s The Self […]

TSHP446: It’s Christmas time – see the light and the love

 What’s Coming This Episode? It is time to see the growing light of the lengthening days and shortening nights. Following the darkness of winter, that has its depth at the winter solstice and the longest night, comes the lightening, as the days draw out. Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes […]

TSHP445: Is it ever okay to lie?

 What’s Coming This Episode? Does Father Christmas exist? Does Boris Johnson exist? This week the issue on every front page has been the issue of the staff at Number 10 having jolly Christmas parties while at the same time telling the rest of the world that they cannot. The repeated word is liar and […]

TSHP444: Temper Tantrums & Dealing With Frustration

What’s Coming This Episode? With Covid and related stresses I notice that fuses are getting shorter and intolerance is on the increase. Do you listen to what you say? Do you hear the tone of your voice? Do you realise how you are heard by others? I guess if your answer to these questions was […]

TSHP443: How to Make Sense of Relationships, with Alison Blackler

What’s Coming This Episode? Relationships are complex and probably one of our biggest challenges. Most adults spend much of their life in an intimate relationship. Relationships are potentially satisfying. They protect us from loneliness and can improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. This week we’re joined by author and transformational mind coach Alison Blackler to […]

TSHP442: Rich & Unhappy?

 What’s Coming This Episode? Surveys will often show that, above a certain level of income, money does not make us happy. In fact it can actually make us deeply unhappy! Why is this, and how can we find the sweet spot of financial and emotional happiness? Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! […]

TSHP441: Seduction, the Truth & Politicians

 What’s Coming This Episode? Anyone following UK politics over the last couple of years could not fail to notice the interesting difference between what comes out of our politicians moths and their actions. It is as though there are two scripts running side by side one for us and one for them. Why? Enjoy […]