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TSHP225: How to be a supportive partner

What’s Coming This Episode? Life is busy and hectic and often we can find it hard to find time to ook after ourselves, let along the ones we love. So how can we make time to be more supportive partners? Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links […]

Are you a supportive partner?

This week a listener emailed and was asking for advice on how they could help support their partner who had been having a few problems. It can be hard to give a simple answer to such questions without seeing the partner, or the couple face to face in person or online, but it gave Ed […]

TSHP224: Are you an organ donor?

What’s Coming This Episode? A recent piece of news hit us hard – the case of a 13 year old girl who sadly lost her life. From this great sadness, her parents managed to find the courage to donate organs from her body which went on to save the lives of 8 others. Organ donation […]

Would you donate your organs?

This weeks podcast and blog has been inspired by a listener who directed me to an article about a little girl who had died. They pointed out how many people she helped to live by the donation of her organs. This was a hot and difficult topic for the listener as they are now in […]

What is Cyberchondria?

I have been aware of Cyberchrondria for many years. I always called it Google-itis. It is when the patient or the client has become so well informed about their condition that they often know more about it than their doctor or therapist. Sometimes, what they think is information can be ‘mis-information’ as the sources of […]

TSHP222: What can I eat to help me sleep?

What’s Coming This Episode? Sleep and food. Two of our favourite things. They’re separate right? Wrong! We might all know that having a strong coffee before isn’t a great idea but what else can we do to make sure we sleep well and wake up ready to hit the ground running? Enjoy the show and […]

222: Sleep – foods that can make it restful?

As we slip into autumn and winter approaches, as the seasons change so do our circadian body rhythms and for many that will mean a change in both our eating and sleeping pattern. Just as with jet lag our bodies need to adjust to this seasonal change in light and temperature and the shortened length […]