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Archive | January, 2016

TSHP138: How to Beat Insomnia

What’s Coming This Episode? Nothing beats some good, solid sack time does it? For some, sleep is the easiest thing in the world – deep in sleep minutes after their heads hit the pillow. For some, however, sleep is no fun at all. Anxiety or depression during the day can lead to worse at night […]

Struggling with Insomnia?

When you go to sleep at night you enter a deep sleep cycle known as non rapid eye movement or NREM. This is followed by a dream cycle known as rapid eye movement or REM. The time between going to sleep to the end of the dream cycle varies between 1.5 to 2 hours depending […]

TSHP137: Satisfaction. Why do we want more?

What’s Coming This Episode? Remember when Oliver Twist had the audacity to ask for more? Who could blame is. Today, many of us seem constantly dissatisfied despite our relative immense wealth (if you’re reading this message, odds are that you’re in the top 10% richest people in the world). So why do we always want […]

Why do we crave more?

This week Ed and I were talking about the seemingly endless need that human beings have to always have more. This seems to become extreme at festive time like Christmas and Easter when we see people in the supermarket with trollies stacked high with food and other goods. It’s as though we are all preparing […]

TSHP136: The Power of Introversion

What’s Coming This Episode? We live in a world that celebrates the extroverts. Selfies, X Factor, Instagram and more. You’ve gotta be out there! You’ve got sing to the world! The truth is that not all of us (in fact a LOT of us) aren’t programmed that way and would much rather take a back […]

The Power of Introversion

The Universal Balance The whole of creation is a duality of energy that forms a balance, two halves of a whole. This energy is expressed in many ways: Male – Female Yang – Yin Sun – Moon Day – Night Pursha – Praktitti Consciousness – Unconsciousness Positive – Negative Light – Dark Active – Passive […]

Struggling for Willpower? This might help…

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow. According to JW von Goethe if you never start what needs to be one you will never finish if. An evident truth that we often avoid through distraction and displacement. New Years resolutions require that we let go of all the emotional baggage that we are […]

TSHP135: Struggling for willpower? Start here…

What’s Coming This Episode? We celebrated a new year last week and discussed the ins and outs of resolutions. If you are undertaking a challenge then there’s one thing you’ll need: willpower. Easier said than done however, so let’s have a chat about how you can give yourself a fighting chance… Enjoy the show, it’s […]