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TSHP008 – Rich and Unhappy

What’s Coming This Episode? How can it be the so many people that seemingly have it all can be so unhappy? What does wealth and richness actually mean? Life is a rich experience, and there’s far more too it than material wealth. Sean’s been running (not rowing) and his body isn’t happy.Ed’s got high cholesterol! […]

TSHP007 – The Male Revolution

What’s Coming This Episode? This week we’re grateful as we’e finally on iTunes¬†and a great deal of reviews have begun to appear. Thank you one and all! Sean goes a little news crazy to begin with but we’ll let him off because he’s got the fitness bug thanks to his ‘Couch to 5K’ regime. Ed […]

TSHP006 – The Work Life Balance Myth

What’s Coming This Episode? Chasing that perfect work life balance? Maybe you should come at it from another angle. This week Sean has been working with clients around the world using FaceTime. Ed has been listening to a lot of Daft Punk. We both discuss Stephen Hawking, Katie Hopkins, names and the top 5 regrets […]

the blame game

The Blame Game – Who Do You Blame?

How do you feel when other people don’t do what you want them to or, they let you down? Do you blame them or yourself? It’s time to tak about the blame game… It is so easy to blame other people for your own problems, angers and frustration. You can become irritated with people who […]

TSHP005 – Why Do We Change Our Bodies?

What’s Coming This Episode? Sean and Ed discuss plastic surgery, moving on to the wider question of how important do we view our physical appearance? Would we be happier without all forms of physical self improvement? Where do we draw the line between supposedly healthy things such as shaving, makeup, etc. and surgical implants, gender […]