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How to deal with ageing

When I was young, older people seemed really old. At the age of ten a thirty year old person seemed old and anyone over fifty was ancient, after that they were the walking dead. How the process of ageing changes that perspective. At the age of thirty, ten years olds are children, at forty twenty […]

Imposter Syndrome

I have worked with so many people who have lost their self confidence to the point where they feel like an imposter or a fraudster when doing their job or simply living their life. This leads to them becoming over alert, vigilant and anxious to the point where they now are beginning to make mistakes. […]

War? What is it good for?

The theory of war is, for me, like the theory of evolution. If you believe in the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’, then, war makes sense. If, on the other hand you believe in evolution through co-operation then, war becomes a meaningless act of stupidity. The human dilemma seems to be co-operation versus competition. […]


This week is UK national anti-bullying week. Schools have taken this up and have encouraged pupils to wear odd socks as a demonstration of individuality and uniqueness. This is a subject near to my heart because, as you may know, my father was a bully and I  was effected by his dysfunctional personality. As a […]


What is memory for? All sentient beings remember. Its primary function is that of safety. Memory tells us what is safe and what is a threat. When we are able to remember we are able to survive in safety. When our life goes wrong we can forget what is safe for us. It is then […]

Organisation vs OCD

  We all need to be organised. We need to know where things are. We also know that what is inside is outside so that the state of our desk describes the state of our mind. But, to tell what is really going inside someone else’s head you need to understand them and to understand […]

Winter Blues

According to Kevin Loria depression may be our brain’s way of telling us to stop and solve a problem There is a theory that suggests that rather than being a problem depression might be a specific behavioural strategy that we have evolved as a biological adaptation that serves a purpose. As Matthew Hutson explains in […]


The Uk was stunned recently by the American diplomat’s wife who allegedly killed a young man who was riding a motorcycle and then chose to claim diplomatic immunity and leave the country without having to face up or atone for her crime. This raised a lot of issues in the press and general conversation about […]

World Mental Health Day

We are back to international mental health day. there is a big push this years to encourage people to talk and many celebrities have lined up to be honest and tell there own stories – it is good to talk Mental health is generally defined as something like,   ‘a person’s condition with regard to […]

Dealing with Stress

 – maybe you can lift it with some positive mindfulness This week we were looking at the concepts of stress. We both identified that we have experienced that bone tiredness of stress and fatigue. We were talking about how we each get stressed and what we do with it. My route, after venting, is to […]