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Imagine where we could be after Covid-19

Our series on anxiety and the various forms that it takes has been overtaken by Covid-19 but in reality they both are feeding each other. The continual news about the spread of the virus and the potential devastation that it is causing are swamping the news media. It is strange that we report the amount of […]

COVID-19 update: How’s everyone doing?

I watch as the world around me shouts at the screen as the news is being broadcast “which bit do you not understand people – just stay at home”. To realise that we each have some responsibility, not only for what has happened in the world but also for what will happen next, Well, with […]

Isolation Anxiety

Covid19 is now getting a hold and things are now moving fast. We seem to be following the same track as China and Italy. The time has come where we are moving into the stage of lockdown and no one knows how long this will last. Estimates vary from a few weeks to several months. […]

Performance Anxiety

At this point in our anxiety series we are looking at performance anxiety. It might sound as though this form of anxiety only concerns actors and musicians and those engaged in the performing arts. Actually performance anxiety is about the fear of not being able to complete a task successfully. It may also be about […]

Social anxiety disorder

So, in this podcast we are looking at another form of anxiety. Social fears are probably the most common form of anxiety that we experience. On the basis that around three million people in the UK are suffering from anxiety at any one time a high percentage of these will be experiencing social anxiety. Social […]

351: Be Kind

In a world where people like Caroline Flack can be hounded into an early grave by the unkindness of trolls and the press. The press were blamed for Diana’s death and unfortunately it is believed that trolls are contributing factors for thousands of internet based suicides. Bullying, prejudice, harassment, violence and unkindness is never, and […]

Phobic Anxiety

Phobic anxiety is often like a low level panic disorder. If someone is forced into engaging with a phobic situation they may well develop a full blown panic attack, (see last weeks blog). Throughout this mini series on anxiety it is important to remember that anxiety is a good thing. It is our friend that […]

Panic Disorders

In this blog I am looking at anxiety and it’s sibling panic attacks. I’d like to try in this blog and explain a bit about the brain and emotion along with the appropriateness of different forms of therapy. At a scientific level our understanding of neuropsychology and therefore our understanding of the neuropsychology of anxiety […]


This week Ed and I were looking at anxiety from four points of view, as described in the book The Four Thoughts That F*ck You Up… and How To Fix Them, by Daniel Fryer. Each follows different issues related to Mindfulness. 1: Dogmatic demands: holding onto rigid beliefs These maybe religious, political, social and so […]


So here we are in the New Year. The world is all new and starting afresh. We even have a post Brexit Britain to look forward to – or so some people think – we will see. Anyway, I have heard a few people telling me that this year they just can’t seem to get […]