Phobic Anxiety

Phobic anxiety is often like a low level panic disorder. If someone is forced into engaging with a phobic situation they may well develop a full blown panic attack, (see last weeks blog). Throughout this mini series on anxiety it is important to remember that anxiety is a good thing. It is our friend that […]

TSHP349: Dealing with a panic disorder

What’s Coming This Episode? Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterised by recurrent unexpected panic attacks. One thing is for sure – they ain’t much fun. In our mini-series focussing on different types of anxiety, Sean and Ed take a look at panic attacks and how to deal with them. Enjoy the show and take […]

Panic Disorders

In this blog I am looking at anxiety and it’s sibling panic attacks. I’d like to try in this blog and explain a bit about the brain and emotion along with the appropriateness of different forms of therapy. At a scientific level our understanding of neuropsychology and therefore our understanding of the neuropsychology of anxiety […]


This week Ed and I were looking at anxiety from four points of view, as described in the book The Four Thoughts That F*ck You Up… and How To Fix Them, by Daniel Fryer. Each follows different issues related to Mindfulness. 1: Dogmatic demands: holding onto rigid beliefs These maybe religious, political, social and so […]

TSHP347: How do we tackle procrastination?

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s important to take time out. We all know that. But when does taking time out become time wasting, laziness and procrastination? Let’s dig in… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has written a blog post to accompany this episode – […]


So here we are in the New Year. The world is all new and starting afresh. We even have a post Brexit Britain to look forward to – or so some people think – we will see. Anyway, I have heard a few people telling me that this year they just can’t seem to get […]

TSHP346: Blue Monday – Real or Phoney?

What’s Coming This Episode? Blue Monday has been and gone! Hopefully you were completely unaware and are still smashing 2020 with that new year, new decade vibe. But the winter blues are a real, and many be reeling from the post-Christmas blues. Is this a dangerous time of year for the more fragile amongst us? […]

Blue Monday & Depression

We can all feel lower in mood during the winter. Well that is a relative statement. At the end of October the clocks in the UK and most of Europe go back one hour. This has the effect of making it feel like the world just got a whole lot darker. However the effect of […]