TSHP310: Is it OK to show your emotions?

What’s Coming This Episode? We Brits are famously poor at showing our emotions, but why is that? Does our defensive tactic work or is it just storing up issues that we’ll have to deal with later on? Let’s dive in… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links […]

Showing Emotion

By virtue of what I do I meet lots of people who are very emotional. This is both men and women, though in my experience women find it a lot easier than the men. In therapy men often found it easier to work with a female therapist so that they do not feel so bad […]

TSHP309: Status Anxiety Must Die

What’s Coming This Episode? What does success look like to you? A big house? A fast car? Most of us know how to see through this, but still we chase these things. Is it healthy? What are the knock on effects? How can we counter it? Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self […]

Status Anxiety

This week we looked at status and what it means. To have status implies that we are standing out from the rest, that we are seen as different or more than other people, we are special. I assume that the need to feel special would mean that we do not feel special in the first […]

TSHP308: How Loyal Are You?

What’s Coming This Episode? Loyalty to our friends, families, business colleagues and to our nations. It’s obvious right? But what does loyalty really mean? To be endlessly nice to people, showering them with compliments? Or must we sometimes tell our loved ones (or bosses) what they need to hear? Huge thanks to Alison Blackler for […]


Are you loyal? What do you mean when you use the word loyalty? Is loyalty the same as honesty and integrity? This week on the show we had Alison Blackler who is both a coach and a therapist and as today, May 1st, is National Loyalty Day in the USA we decided to dive in […]

TSHP307: Happy Being Sad

What’s Coming This Episode? We talk about change a lot on this show. We always tend to talk from the point of view that people actually want to change, but what if they don’t? Do we get stuck in unhealthy routines and habits that we quietly enjoy? Are we trapped or are we reluctant to […]

Let’s All Stay The Same

Why do people change? Or, perhaps, more importantly, why don’t people change? When we look at some behaviours, when we look at the suffering that others go through we often wonder, ‘why do they put up with that?’ We could say that the only thing that we can be certain of in life is that […]

TSHP306: How to Rebuild After Disaster Strikes

What’s Coming This Episode? Terrible news from Paris this week as a thing of history and beauty was damaged in a quite horrific fire. The incident was witnessed by thousands in realtime, millions more across our networks of TV and online. Tragedy and disaster can take many forms so Sean and Ed decided to have […]

What to do when your house burns down

I watched in horror at the footage of Notre Dame in flames and the terrible scenes of hundreds of people turning out onto the streets to witness it. It made me consider the immense power that fire has to destroy and also to cleanse. I remember the news footage  of Windsor Castle with flames pouring […]