TSHP270: Nudge Theory and the Art of Changing Minds

What’s Coming This Episode? Behavioural science is a fascinating area. From propaganda during war time to the advertising boom in the 50s and beyond, humans are obsessed in finding ways to manipulate and change minds. So what is nudge theory and, most importantly, can it help Ed on his quest to get more people on […]

The Art of the Nudge

Nudging is the art of persuasion that is carried out below someone’s awareness. This is mainly used in health and safety areas as we encourage people to look after themselves. The rumble strips as you approach a roundabout get closer and closer together giving you the sensation that your car is speeding up. Your natural […]

Difficult Decisions

Isn’t this a big one? So much of my work is filled with people needing to make a decision and if they are talking to me about it then it must be a difficult one. Karma and consequence Decision making is the nature of being alive. Every moment we are making decisions and each of […]

TSHP269: How to stay calm under pressure

What’s Coming This Episode? Sometimes a story pops up that the whole planet gathers around to hear. The trapped football team in the Thai caves was just such an event. Aside from the huge amount of work that went on to rescue the boys and their coach, imagine the situation underground. Would you be able […]

Calm Under Pressure

It always seems amazing when a dramatic situation develops somewhere in the world and, what seems to be, the whole of humanity come together in a spirit of good will with the desire to get something right. We have just experienced this when the Wild Boars football team became trapped in a cave system alongside […]

TSHP268: Why you should learn to keep on learning

What’s Coming This Episode? Humans love a routine. Birth, school, college/uni, job, retire! Easy. But perhaps some of struggle for happiness because of this routine and fail to grasp new opportunities along the way. Learning a new skill can take you places you’ve only dreamed of, so it’s worth taking a chance on… Enjoy the […]

Lifelong Learning

This week we were responding to a request from a listener who has decided to go back into training as part of a career change. Their comment was that going back into learning as a mature student is a bit tricky. I have to say maybe not. We can certainly get out of the habit […]

TSHP267: How do we combat intolerance

What’s Coming This Episode? ‘The only thing you should be intolerance of is intolerance.’ That’s the saying, but does it hold up? Is intolerance a natural reaction to a lack of understanding or does it go deeper? Sean and Ed dive in on a big issue… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self […]


It is said that the only thing that we should be intolerant of is intolerance. This is a paradox as to be tolerant of intolerance means that we are supporting the very opposite of what we are seeking to promote. To be tolerant of intolerance can also create the most destructive of emotions and actions. […]

TSHP266: How to be a Mindful Mother with Tanya Leary

What’s Coming This Episode? This week we welcome author Tanya Leary, author of Time for Bed Baby. Becoming a parent is an incredible, exciting, exhausting adventure. Time for Bed Baby celebrates the bond between parent and child and the simple pleasures of the bedtime ritual whilst also recognising the need for mums to take time […]