TSHP345: Fractured Families

What’s Coming This Episode? Harry and Meghan have hit the news in recent weeks as they seek to blaze a new trail as independent, care free citizens of Planet Earth. Theirs is quite a unique case but there are lessons to be learnt for us ere mortals. How do we solve family feuds? Enjoy the […]

Fractured Families

This week the British Royal Family went public on the apparent rift that exists between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the family. Whatever the realities of what it really going on there appears to be a fracture in the fratricidal of the family. I guess the same would have been true when Charles […]

Youth Does Not Need To Lack Wisdom

Finland’s new prime minister, Santa Marin, is just 34 years of age. Is this too young for a leader. My answer is ‘No’ of course not. Wisdom does not come with age it comes with psychological and spiritual maturity. This touches a point that is often controversial. It is to do with life and what […]

TSHP343: Looking Ahead With Hope

What’s Coming This Episode? Last week we talked about how you can use the past as a positive resource. This week we look ahead to the new decade and give advice on how to stick to your guns. Happy new year! Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and […]

TSHP342: Looking back on your decade

What’s Coming This Episode? Well the decade is drawing to a close. How’s it been for you? This week, Sean and Ed have a chat about whether it’s healthy to look back on life… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links The only 5 reasons your should […]

TSHP341: How to have a happy Christmas

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Things dingle-ing-ing, etc.? Well, for some it ain’t such a happy time. Stress to keep up appearances, spend time with people you’d rather not see and the financial hit can make it an unhappy time for many. Let’s have a chat and […]

Happy Christmas?

And, here we are again! The season of goodwill is upon us. Why do we need to wait for Christmas to offer our fellow human beings goodwill? What is the matter with 364 other days of the year? It gives a lot of meaning to the song “I wish it could be Christmas everyday”. A […]

TSHP340: Head or Hearts? An Election Special…

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s election day in the UK and it’s a big moment. 3 years of argy-bargy comes down to this. Don’t get scared now. Sean and Ed needed to get some things off their chests and we hope some of you find this mildly therapeutic! Get and vote, folks… Enjoy the show […]

Election Blog

Today, when we recorded the podcast Ed and I were talking about the conflict between head and heart and how this could be effecting the current general election. We even had ex prime minister John Major clearly stating that he was really a conservative and would normally vote with his head but in the election […]