359 How am I responding to Covid 19?

This week I was sent a Twitter link which had this interesting diagram attached, it got me thinking about our responses to what is going on for us right now in dealing with either lockdown, shielding or attempting to maintain a working pattern on the front line. As we, as a society, become more stressed […]

358 Happy being alone?

Lockdown is on us and may be here for a few weeks yet.  How are you doing? Some people love the opportunity to spend time alone with themselves or with just the few people that they normally have around them. Though, for many people this is the definition of hell, anxiety and fear. I guess […]

TSHP357: Staying Positive During the Lockdown

What’s Coming This Episode? The lockdown continues in the UK and around the world – it will be with us for a while. New routines and habits are being formed. Struggles remain, but hope exists and good things are a’happening. Sean and Ed take a look at some of the positives from #COVID19… Enjoy the […]

Love that virus

There are a few times in life when the negative can be seen as a positive. Yet that is the nature of life. In a world where we do not have problems we only have learning opportunities, there are no negatives only different versions of positive. And, so it is with Covid-19. When we learn […]

TSHP356: Finding the Positives

What’s Coming This Episode? Well, we’re all settling in to our new way of living. It’s hard, for sure. Many feel trapped or disillusioned. Some feel a deep sense of loneliness or loss. However, are there some upsides to our new world? Is it OK to embrace certain aspects of it? Enjoy the show and […]

Imagine where we could be after Covid-19

Our series on anxiety and the various forms that it takes has been overtaken by Covid-19 but in reality they both are feeding each other. The continual news about the spread of the virus and the potential devastation that it is causing are swamping the news media. It is strange that we report the amount of […]

TSHP355: How’s everyone doing? #COVID-19

What’s Coming This Episode? The world has tilted on its axis in a matter of weeks. There’s pain and anxiety, but there is hope too. Sean and Ed dive in for a quick catchup on where we’re up to and setup the possibility of greater things to come for us all… Enjoy the show and […]

COVID-19 update: How’s everyone doing?

I watch as the world around me shouts at the screen as the news is being broadcast “which bit do you not understand people – just stay at home”. To realise that we each have some responsibility, not only for what has happened in the world but also for what will happen next, Well, with […]