TSHP330: Managing Stress in a Stressful World

What’s Coming This Episode? Who’s busy? I’m busy! You’re busy! Everyone’s busy. When does ‘busy’ becomes ‘stressed’, though? How can stress be managed and brought under control? Let’s dive in… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has penned a blog post to go along with […]

Dealing with Stress

 – maybe you can lift it with some positive mindfulness This week we were looking at the concepts of stress. We both identified that we have experienced that bone tiredness of stress and fatigue. We were talking about how we each get stressed and what we do with it. My route, after venting, is to […]

TSHP329: The Importance of Nature

What’s Coming This Episode? How many of us can say that we get enough nature in our lives? Perhaps not many. Do we wait until the weekend to head off to the coast? Till just before bed to take the dog for a walk? Sean and Ed were wondering how we can build into our […]


I am looking out of the window of my apartment in Doha Qatar.  Below me the City speeds about and I can see at least a thousand houses. Each house is full of people, thousands of people. The roads are full, sometimes gridlocked, as all these people rush from somewhere to somewhere else. They are […]

TSHP328: How Does Nudging Work?

What’s Coming This Episode? Humans. Sure, they’re funny, caring, etc. Some are even quite pleasant to live with BUT they sure can be stubborn sometimes, hey? All of the data, proof and hard times in the world just won’t shift (some of) them. An answer might be at hand, though – nudging! Let’s talk about […]

Nudge Theory

Nudging is the art of persuasion that is carried out below someone’s awareness. This  is mainly used in health and safety areas as we encourage people to look after themselves. The rumble strips as you approach a roundabout get closer and closer together giving you the sensation that your car is speeding up. Your natural […]

TSHP327: How to heal

What’s Coming This Episode? How do you heal your body? Pop to the chemist? A trip to the doctor? This episode comes with a bit of a disclaimer, but we need to have a chat about how quick we are to reach for the medication. Painkillers mask the pain, they don’t remove it. Let’s have […]


I was moved to do the podcast this week on health because I have, over the years, been working in some buildings that are hospitals, care homes or respite that do not feel healthy. We have a local hospital that is made of concrete and each time I go in it I wonder how anyone […]

TSHP326: Control, Power and Dictatorships

What’s Coming This Episode? Leadership is a funny thing. A tricky balance. Some like their leaders strong. Some like them malleable. So how should we lead? How do dictatorships arise and can they be effective whilst remaining humane? Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean has […]

Dictators and Psychopaths

I wanted to cover this topic as this weeks podcast and blog because I am worried about the state of things. Over the days as we record this and it goes out on the internet a variety of things will have taken place in the UK parliament. It maybe that the government is defeated and […]