We Need Forgiveness To Set Us Free

I keep going on about it but…

If we all look after each other we will all be okay

Remembrance Day, 11 November, is a memorial day that has been observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War in 1919. This has been to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty. In theory, at least, we unite across faiths, cultures and backgrounds to remember. The thing that is vastly important in remembering is the art of forgiveness. In forgiveness we let go. Often in simple remembrance we can feed our hatred of those that we perceive as the enemy.  

Forgiveness is so difficult for so many people. The main stumbling block is that in forgiving we become confused with the idea that we are condoning behaviours that we know are wrong. That we are, in some way saying that what people did, however bad, is ok. This is not the case.

To forgive means to forgo your retribution or let go of your hatred. There is a simple reason for this. The only person that hatred will, in the end, ever harm is the hater. When you hate, or have negative thoughts about others, your body creates all the negative chemistry that will ultimately damage your body. It raises your blood pressure, hardens your arteries and leads to strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, back ache, neck ache, head ache and dementia. Then comes the nausea, irritable bowel, eczema, asthma and so on.  The list really is endless. 

In hatred it is as though you have taken the poison expecting it to kill  someone else. Sadly the only person your hatred damages is you.

Even worse that these things is the fact that when we maintain negative attachments to the past they stop us moving forward. The emotions of the negativity that we hold about other people, or events, are like elastic bonds that keep pulling us back and stop us moving forward.

In forgiveness, forgoing or letting go, choose the word that works best for you, you will be able to get into your present. In your present you are then able to create the life that you really want for your self. When you are bound to the past you will never create a future that you desire.

Just a thought. If the science of karma, the law of cause and effect, is right, I suspect that it is, then everyone gets theirs in the end. There are no free lunches all debts need are paid in full. It would seem that it is not my role in life to punish people for what they have done. It is equally true that I do not need to punish myself either. In letting it go I step out of the cycle of karma and move forward unencumbered by the past in to a happy and fulfilling future.

So at this time of remembrance feel the love in remembering those that gave their own life’s so that we may enjoy our freedom. Also forgive those that have done us badly. 

Let go

Be happy

and live in the present

take care

Sean x

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