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TSHP246: How to Beat Your Eating Disorder

What’s Coming This Episode? Did you know that hospital admissions for eating disorders have doubled in the past six years here in the UK? Yep. Not good. Sean and Ed take a look at what can lead to an eating disorder and how men and women can overcome their disorder… Enjoy the show and take […]

Struggling with an eating disorder?

Ed requested this podcast that was inspired by things that he has been reading. I regularly have clients that are struggling with eating issues though in most cases these are to do with obesity. When people talk about eating disorder they normally are thinking about weight loss not weight gain. According to the Priory Group […]

TSHP245: The Gentle Art of Persuasion

What’s Coming This Episode? Opinions are like [insert rude body part here] – everyone has one. The tricky part can often be convincing other folks to come round to our way of thinking. So how do we learn the dark art of persuasion? Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show […]

How to be Persuasive

We all seek to persuade others into doing what it is that we need them to do. It might simply be the way we say ‘hello’ to start the day or the meeting to go the way that we want it to. Or it could be that we want them to make a cup of […]

Good Grief

Dealing with the grief that follows after death is something that can never be understood unless it has been experienced directly. I see so many people who feel a sense of guilt because they are still grieving only three months after a loss when, in reality, grieving takes a long time, and sometimes may even […]

TSHP244: A Guide to Dealing with Grief

What’s Coming This Episode? Losing a loved one is about the toughest thing a person can go through. Death can come as a shock. Sometimes we have years of warning. When it comes though, grief will often take over. So how long should we set aside to grieve? Weeks? Months? Sean and Ed discuss this […]

TSHP243: Take Some Responsibility

What’s Coming This Episode? We’ve spoken about how much power we do (or do not) have in recent episodes but what happens if we feel paralysed to use it? Worse still, what if we simply choose not to due to habit? With great power comes great responsibility, so the saying goes… Enjoy the show and […]


We have been, unintentionally, following a theme in the podcasts over the last few weeks. I hadn’t realised it until we had Jodie on board and we were talking about veganism and, in some ways, the rights of animals. In recent podcasts we have discussed many subjects all of which are related to, or have […]