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Phobic Anxiety

Phobic anxiety is often like a low level panic disorder. If someone is forced into engaging with a phobic situation they may well develop a full blown panic attack, (see last weeks blog). Throughout this mini series on anxiety it is important to remember that anxiety is a good thing. It is our friend that […]

Panic Disorders

In this blog I am looking at anxiety and it’s sibling panic attacks. I’d like to try in this blog and explain a bit about the brain and emotion along with the appropriateness of different forms of therapy. At a scientific level our understanding of neuropsychology and therefore our understanding of the neuropsychology of anxiety […]


This week Ed and I were looking at anxiety from four points of view, as described in the book The Four Thoughts That F*ck You Up… and How To Fix Them, by Daniel Fryer. Each follows different issues related to Mindfulness. 1: Dogmatic demands: holding onto rigid beliefs These maybe religious, political, social and so […]


So here we are in the New Year. The world is all new and starting afresh. We even have a post Brexit Britain to look forward to – or so some people think – we will see. Anyway, I have heard a few people telling me that this year they just can’t seem to get […]

Blue Monday & Depression

We can all feel lower in mood during the winter. Well that is a relative statement. At the end of October the clocks in the UK and most of Europe go back one hour. This has the effect of making it feel like the world just got a whole lot darker. However the effect of […]

Fractured Families

This week the British Royal Family went public on the apparent rift that exists between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the family. Whatever the realities of what it really going on there appears to be a fracture in the fratricidal of the family. I guess the same would have been true when Charles […]

Youth Does Not Need To Lack Wisdom

Finland’s new prime minister, Santa Marin, is just 34 years of age. Is this too young for a leader. My answer is ‘No’ of course not. Wisdom does not come with age it comes with psychological and spiritual maturity. This touches a point that is often controversial. It is to do with life and what […]

Happy Christmas?

And, here we are again! The season of goodwill is upon us. Why do we need to wait for Christmas to offer our fellow human beings goodwill? What is the matter with 364 other days of the year? It gives a lot of meaning to the song “I wish it could be Christmas everyday”. A […]

Election Blog

Today, when we recorded the podcast Ed and I were talking about the conflict between head and heart and how this could be effecting the current general election. We even had ex prime minister John Major clearly stating that he was really a conservative and would normally vote with his head but in the election […]

How to deal with ageing

When I was young, older people seemed really old. At the age of ten a thirty year old person seemed old and anyone over fifty was ancient, after that they were the walking dead. How the process of ageing changes that perspective. At the age of thirty, ten years olds are children, at forty twenty […]