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Blue Monday

Every January we have what is described a Blue Monday that’s is said to be the saddest day of the year. A questionable claim. But why would we get depressed at this time of year? Well we have just been through the joy of Christmas and New Year, probably have credit card debt to clear, […]

Becoming a therapist

The question is are therapist born or are they trained? Well, reality is that some people are naturally caring, empathic but also objective enough to be n atrial therapists. Therapy, support has been around throughout evolution it did not begin just because someone create a training course. Many people train as therapist though the value […]

Road Safety Week (India January 11th)

I know this is a subject that is very close to Ed’s heart. As we enter this new year let us do it safely. Raising awareness of road safety seems so obvious and so necessary. There was a time when children were taught to ride bikes at school. This led to the Cycling Proficiency Test […]

New Years Resolution’s 2022

     “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.” According to JW von Goethe if you never start what needs to be one you will never finish if. An evident truth that we often avoid through distraction and displacement.  Happy Covid New Year However your Christmas has been and however it has been […]

It’s Christmas time to see the light and the love

As we have gone through November and December this year I have found myself wearing sandals and a tee shirt… Something is wrong! It should be colder than it is and I should be wrapped up in a scarf with gloves and trying to keep warm. We are walking around the Marine Lake and I […]

Is it ever okay to lie?

Does Father Christmas exist? Does Boris Johnson exist? This week the issue on every front page has been the issue of the staff at Number 10 having jolly Christmas parties while at the same time telling the rest of the world that they cannot. The repeated word is liar and lying. If you have ever […]

Did you really just say that?

With Covid and related stresses I notice that fuses are getting shorter and intolerance is on the increase.  Do you listen to what you say? Do you hear the tone of your voice? Do you realise how you are heard by others? I guess if your answer to these questions was ‘no’ then you would […]

Relationships Are Complex

Guest Post by Alison Blackler And probably one of our biggest challenges. Most adults spend much of their life in an intimate relationship. Relationships are potentially satisfying. They protect us from loneliness and can improve our mental and emotional wellbeing. However, they can be challenging, and many different issues can cause couples disturbances. There are […]

Is happiness more important than money?

An online survey by Today Online, of 1,500 respondents is Asia’s most comprehensive psychographic study in terms of the number of respondents, geographical coverage and insights into 16 key topics: Beauty, communication, education, entertainment, fashion, food, health, kids, love, luxury, media, money, sports, technology, travel and vehicles revealed that 75.4 per cent of people feel […]

Seduction, the Truth & Politicians

I guess that anyone following UK politics over the last couple of years could not fail to notice the interesting difference between what comes out of our politicians moths and their actions. It is as though there are two scripts running side by side one for us and one for them. In reality the same […]