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Dealing with Toxic Relationships

This weeks blog is an experiment in that I have not directly written it. We used an AI Chat Bot to create it and see what it comes up with and it is very interesting. Perhaps this is what we can all expect in the future in many of the things that we read. I […]

Who Is Allowed To Say What To Whom?

The reality of Democracy  The word democracy comes from the Greek words “demos”, meaning people, and “kratos” meaning power; so democracy can be thought of as…  …The Power Of People We can think of this as a way of governing which depends on…  …The Will Of The People In Britain we could say that it […]

RTS – Religious Trauma Syndrome

Occurs when an individual struggles with leaving a religious set of beliefs that has led to their indoctrination. (Could be any set of beliefs, does not have to be religious). The problem comes about when the person attempts to leave a group or develops a set of ideas or beliefs that are different or desperate […]

Love & Marriage

This week our son got married. It was a deeply powerful ceremony packed with meaning and emotion. He and his partner made a life long commitment to be together, to look after each other and to remain honest and true to each other. They exchanged rings symbolically expressing the commitment they had just entered into. […]

Does Luck Exist? 

Have you noticed, when you look around, that there are some people who always seem to have good luck. They always win the lotto or win the competition on the TV. At the same time there are those that, whatever they do, never seem to get it right, they never win. I hear people say […]

Time To Talk

Ed and I are recording this podcast on 2nd February which is international Time To Talk Day. I have no problem with the idea and the aim of the need to talk. What I wonder about is why do we need to have a day to encourage us to talk? Why aren’t we doing it […]

Happy New Year it’s 2023

Ok, so it is New Year!   Standing here at the beginning of 2023 you, and I, will now be making choices about how and what this year will be. 2022 was certainly be a year to remember and for many perhaps a year to forget. From Covid, through the Ukrainian war, cost of livening […]

Another Happy Christmas?

And, here we are again! The season of goodwill is upon us. Why do we need to wait for Christmas to offer our fellow human beings goodwill? What is the matter with 364 other days of the years that you don’t offer goodwill then? It gives a lot of meaning to the song “I wish […]

Empty Nests

Each year families, especially mothers, go through the issue of letting go of their children as they go off to university or to work and each year I get people coming to talk about it and make sense of their changing role. Coping with the effects of children leaving the home going off to university […]

Staying Mindfully Calm Under Pressure

It always seems amazing when a dramatic situation develops somewhere in the world and, what seems to be, the whole of humanity come together in a spirit of good will with the desire to get something right. Do you remember when the Wild Boars football team became trapped in a cave system alongside their coach. […]