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Donor or not?

Somebody reminded me this week that we had previously done a podcast and blog in which I stated tat as a vegetarian that I would never accept a body donation from a pig and yet twelve weeks ago which undergoing heart surgery I agreed to have a pigs valve fitted in my heart. At the […]

Is gossip a good thing?

Historically when a pregnant lady went for her ‘lying in’ as she was in or coming up to labour she would invite a group of women to accompany her and help her through the experience. The professions of midwife came from this sort of process. However, so did gossip. The women invited to the lying […]


Ok, so what is a family? Well, it all begins with the individual as the basic building block. Then we get into sexual mathematics. One individual meet another individual and we have  gone from onto two people and we have a couple. In most cases the sexual mathematic means reproduction and then we have three […]

Power, Win, Lose

All around us people enact their power in order to win. It might be that we are at a crowded bar trying to get a drink so that we and a whole group of other people are trying to gain the attention of the bartender to get their order met. Who gets to the til […]

Is It Better To Be Polite Or Honest?

Have you ever heard those words? ‘To be honest….’ Normally they are the precursor to someone saying something bad about something or someone. It could be about you… ‘To be honest (usually a pause) your bum looks huge in that dress’ It could be about how you present yourself… ‘To be honest you were rubbish…’ […]

Leadership and kindness

I have been watching the Jubilee celebrations and it struck me how many people when interviewed described the Queen’s kindness. Many where describing how they had used her example as a way they had gone on to act in their own lives. They made me think about our relationships between our leaders and our own […]

Living In Flow

Ed and I have just come back from a conference and exhibition in Amsterdam, ‘Fully Charged Live 2022’. This had everything from electric cars to electric cargo bikes that became a boats and also a caravanette. We tried pedal assist bikes, GoCycle, and Ed test drove the electric equivalent of a motorbike. They had iconic […]

Well, you have just got to laugh!

I was working with someone this week who told me that we should do a podcast on humour…”for Gods sake why is everyone so miserable?” There is a time in the madness of the world when I guess all that you can do is laugh. At this time it can be easy to feel that […]

The power of a smile that says ‘you belong’

This week I am revisited the effects of smiling because it is happening for real right in-front of my eyes. I have a series of team building exercises to do as people who are finally returning to the workplace after the Covid distanced working. That means people are, in most cases, looking each other directly […]

Is Generosity the Key to Happiness?

With covid, food banks and the Ukrainian war the concept of generosity and giving comes, for many of us, clearly into focus. Often we feel helpless in the face of all the trauma and the need to give something can ease our emotional burden and make us feel better. When I talk to people about […]