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Happy Body, Happy Mind!

“Here we go again” – it is detox time.   At the change of the seasons it is my custom to detox. At both spring and autumn are the times for a clean out.  Many people get into the idea of ‘spring cleaning’, well I like an autumn clean as well.  I have been doing […]

The Amazing Benefits of Community Living

Last week Ed organised a family/community gathering based around his loved subject of cycling. People rallied around and helped and many people turned up to enjoy the day. There has been a real sense of community. Ed is becoming a community nut in his drive to make our roads safe and encourage people to take […]

Food and mood – Is there happiness in what you eat?

As we move towards winter our diets tend to change and the level of carbs that we will be eating almost certainly will increase. We call this comfort eating. Food and mood is a fascinating subject. In current times the drive for our diet to become plant based or vegan seems to be everywhere. Many […]

Are you allowed to attend?

Okay, so as we are trying to return society to normal, take our masks off and get back to work how do you feel about it. Of the people that I work with there are those that will never be vaccinated come what may and don’t care about wearing masks or who they mix with […]

Who are you performing for?

Performative wellness and performative success occur when someone becomes more concerned with presenting an idealised version of themselves rather than being honest about who they really are.  Ref: https://www.rhodescollege.ca/3-tips-helping-clients-avoid-performative-wellness-become-wellness-counsellor/  The concept of wellness, living well and achieving success has, in someways, become a fashion that was started by books like “The Secrete”. We only have […]

Is setting goals worth it?

After the last two podcasts I have had a few people tell me that after getting into meditation and also doing the Dr Dolittle talking to animals exercise that they had had some insights about there need to change there work roles and in one case their entire life. This then turned into conversations about […]

The Answer Lies Within

Frustration is a debilitating emotion. In the last few blogs we have looked at the emotions of anxiety, anger and depression. All three of these can either be the result of or the cause of frustration. This may be frustration with your self, other people, the situation in general or the ongoing saga of covid. […]

Happy Holiday Covid Style

Wow!, it is the summer. We generally are hoping that it is hot, but not too hot and we can fly away and enjoy it. Emmm, well maybe. I guess some will chance it in the hope that the country they are visiting stays on the Green List.  Normally in the colder climates of Northern […]

Depression Could Be A Key To Happiness

Do you or does anyone that you know ever suffer from depression or anxiety? If you so do you know what it is that is underlying the symptoms? The use of medication, to reduce anxiety and to lift depression, has become common place to the point where many of them are in our supply of […]

Anger can be a useful emotion

We often see anger as a negative force. Though it can be a very creative and useful force. When our anger is stuck out the front of us it is in the way. It becomes a battering ram that bashes into other people and becomes destructive. When it is behind us it can be used […]