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How often do we do things for other people for nothing? Giving our time doesn’t cost anything and yet we can find it so easy to avoid getting involved, getting our hands dirty or having an effect on the problems that exist all around us. In times gone by, in the founding of the British […]


Change is like time, our experience of it depends on the point from which we view it. We could say that the only thing that we can be certain of in life is that all things change, that nothing ever stays the same. We could say that one of our biggest problems is that we have […]

Floods and Fire

This blog and podcast follow on from the last one. Kindness, love and compassion for creation might just be what is in contention at the moment. Are the global disasters of flood and drought a product of global warming or just simply the natural rhythms and flows of global weather patterns? A reality check Today […]

Looking after each other

The 13th November was national kindness day. While I completely agree with they need for us all to be kinder to each other I am always surprised that we might need an annual day to remind us to do it. Surely in a well balanced society we would do this as naturally as breathing. It […]


Frugality can often be associated with meanness, which may be true in some cases, but I am left wondering about the state of the planet and our general lack of frugality. If we look at what we have done to planet Earth and to the lives of all the other nonhuman inhabitants we might consider […]

Remembering the dead

Winter hit in hard this week. On Monday it got to minus one and I was scraping the ice from the car windscreen. This winter feeling and the cold got me thinking about the coming ‘All Hallows’ eve or what we now term Halloween. For something to be Hallowed it was made sacred though also […]

How to Build a Strong Community

Following on from the last blog and podcast Ed and I have been talking about community, certainly in my case, after Roberts car was written off outside the house, people have rallied around and helped. There has been a real sense of community. Ed is becoming a community fanatic in his drive to make our […]

The consequence of action

Life, it would seem, is consequential In the East they call it Karma. Where I live they say ‘what goes around comes around’. Where I was born they would say ‘everybody gets their’s in the end’. In some societies they would say ‘there are no free lunches’ or ‘in the end all debts must be […]


Today, as I write this, it is ‘International Mental Health Day’. Ed and I got talking on the podcast about suicide and mental health service provision in the UK. Sadly in the UK we closed most of the long stay psychiatric hospitals in favour of ‘care in the community’ services which failed badly. From my […]

How to prepare for a personal tsunami

The thing about a Tsunami is if we are prepared then we have a chance of getting to safety and limiting the damage. It is when it comes out of the blue, we didn’t see it coming or we were side swiped, then it becomes difficult. The poor people in Indonesia have just suffered a […]