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Happy New Year it’s 2024

Ok, so it is New Year!   Standing at the beginning of 2024 you, and I, will be making choices about how and what this year will be. 2023 will certainly be a year to remember and for many perhaps a year to forget. People tell me that is is as though it never happened […]

Christmas is here – Bring on the light

For a lot of people around the world this year Christmas Day might just be another day in a difficult year. In a work of wars, financial crisis and global warming there are a lot of people worrying. What will it be like for you this year?  It can be easy to get lost in […]

The Blame Game and Good will

It has never been a better time to talk seriously about the blame game and good will. As we approach the festive season and, in theory at least, a time of goodwill it seems that we are living in a divided world where everyone is finding reasons to blame other people for something. Globally we have […]

We Need Forgiveness To Set Us Free

I keep going on about it but… If we all look after each other we will all be okay Remembrance Day, 11 November, is a memorial day that has been observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War in 1919. This has been to honour armed forces members who have […]

What is your addiction?

The world health organisation, ‘WHO’, has now classified internet game addiction as a recognised disease. Is it right? So what is an addiction? We use the word ‘addiction’ to indicate an illness which is based on the behaviour of a person who is compulsively or habitually ‘addicted’ to a substance or a set of behaviours. […]

Slow Down And Speed Up?

This week I had to attend a driving awareness course which is very topical to the moment as there is a great move, not least of all over they border in Wales, to reduce all 30 MPH limits to 20 MPH. There are a list of reasons for this reducing pollution and improving air quality […]

Time For A Clean Out?

Have you ever wanted to give you a body a good clean, but from the inside? It is rebooting your entire system. A bit like when you turn your laptop off and on again and then defrag the hard drive. Twice a year, autumn in October and spring in March I will do a 13 […]

Setting Secure Boundaries

Lately the international news has been full of stories of inappropriate touching kissing, and so on, in a variety of areas from sport to politics. The implication is that we either no longer have a clear idea of what our boundaries are or that our attitude to boundaries is changing. We are living in a […]

The Grief of Loss

Last week Auntie Vera passed at the age of 96. As the last person in that age group in the family her loss has been very profound the grief intense. There is joy and happiness for the memories of what a lovely person she was set against the hurt and pain of her going. Thankfully […]

Autumn Into Winter

Here we are again. It is the end of the summer, winter is on the horizon and as they say,  “it won’t be long and then it will be Christmas”  With the loss of light comes a reduction the available vitamins D in our bodies that direct effects the levels of serotonin in our brains […]