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What is the point?

Turning the covid experience into positive joy  Following on from recent podcasts this week I want to look at the meaning of life. Many of us see ourselves as not who we but by what we do, which takes me back to the idea are we human beings or human doings. In lockdown, furlough and […]

Truth, Lies & Frustration

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable” George Orwell George Orwell author of Animal Farm described a political landscape that I am starting to see all around me. I see laws and rule being created only then to see them not being  followed or totally ignored by those people who […]

Creating your safe place

At times of stress we all need somewhere to go that is stress free to relax and rest our system. This reduces stress hormone and blood pressure improves mood and makes us happier. At the present time the need to get away from the stresses of everyday life have rarely bee greater. If you are […]

Look Back, Let Go, Be Positive, Move Forward

Just take a step back to the same time eighteen months ago, what were you expecting of 2020/21? I doubt that you were expecting was what has actually taken place. As we and our communities are starting to get moving again we need to take the time to stop and do a quick audit so […]

The Importance of Failure

In the last podcast we were looking at people’s fear of returning to the workplace and imposter syndrome. Alongside these fears is the fear of failure. I have been trying explain to people that what we see as failure may not actually be a bad thing, how else do we learn? As my American friends […]

Do you feel like an imposter?

Self doubt seems to be the new lockdown lurgy.  I have working with so many people who over lockdown that have lost their self confidence. The fear of going back to the workplace can make people feel vulnerable. Their role and the position they have held in the organisation, often for many years, seems daunting […]

Retail Therapy After Lockdown

After we did the podcast on smell several people have spoken to me about the idea and other ideas around it. Most seem to agree with me that the constructed world that we live in is no longer natural and rather than smelling like us it smells like a chemist pallet of poisons. Someone said […]

Time to rebuild community

During the epidemic our ability to meet and interact with each has been severely diminished. I attended an online funeral on Monday and it really brought home to me just meaningless an online experience could be and feel compared with the actual smell, touch experience of actually being there. It was as though I was […]

Why do we no longer trust our sense of smell?

Our sense of smell evolved to tell us about the world around us. We could tell if something had gone off, was dangerous or poisonous. It told us about other people and about ourselves. Most of all our sense of smell evolved to keep us safe. Where has our smell gone? For millions of years […]

Coming Out Of Hibernation

Watching those crowds of queuing for shops, pubs and food outlets and then listening to the interviews its was as though we are coming out of a long dark winter into a new spring. That made me think about the normal winter blues and how happy we all are to see the sun again. So […]