The other day someone accused me of being a yo-yo dieter. Well, never having eaten a yo-yo in my life I don’t know what they are talking about. If you have joined me for a detox before you will know just how good it feels. For over thirty years I have done a regular detox every spring and every autumn, and in between as well.

When I first began doing detox I was living in an Ayurvedic community living a life that was vegetarian, organic food, daily yoga and meditation. Working in teams of six we would each take a turn at going into silent retreat and either detoxing of fasting for a week. This meant that every six weeks I flushed my system.

The detox program I now follow lasts for around thirteen to fifteen days depending on when you come into the programme from your current diet. In day one we drop all heavy foods, meat, fatty foods and any thing stodgy. Day two we drop fish, day three dairy produce, day four wheat and cereals. On day five we focus on cooked veg, day six, raw veg, day seven, fruit, and then if you are up for it a day on simply fruit juice, and then if you are really serious a day on just hot water with some honey and lemon. If you have never detoxed before this may be to difficult to follow and therefore ignore these days.

Having flushed the system we now work our way back up, fruit juice, fruit, raw veg, cooked veg and so on until we are back to a normal diet. Of course on the way down we drop tea, coffee, alcohol and, all soft drinks other than fruit juice.

This is an ideal way to begin the New Year especially if you are starting a new weight regime or stopping smoking or drinking etc. weight loss varies, but for me it is around 6lbs.

When you detox it is more than simply your body. During the process your mind and emotions get a good clean as well especially if you do a little meditation.

Download the pack and have a look and maybe give it ago… all free of charge 🙂

Download the book simply by clicking here or on the image below this message. Enjoy!

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