TSHP512: New Beginnings

TSHP510: Good things about where you live

TSHP509: Can you feel the love?

TSHP508: The Power of a Smile

TSHP507: War – Is it ever right?

TSHP506: It’s 2024! A year of choices…

TSHP505: Bring on the Light

TSHP504: The Blame Game & Good Will

TSHP503: Expertise vs Experience

TSHP502: We Need Forgiveness To Set Us Free

TSHP501: What is your addiction?

TSHP500: Slow Down And Speed Up?

TSHP499: Time For A Clean Out?

TSHP498: Setting Secure Boundaries

TSHP497: Loss & Grief

TSHP496: The Changing of the Seasons

TSHP495: What Do Animals Do For Us?

TSHP494: Processing Trauma

TSHP492: Money, Money, Money

TSHP491: Dealing with Toxic Relationships

TSHP490: Staying Rational

TSHP488: Religious Trauma Syndrome

TSHP487: Love & Marriage

TSHP484: How to be lucky

TSHP483: It’s Time To Talk

TSHP481: Grief and Family Bother

TSHP480: Goals for 2023

TSHP479: Another Happy Christmas?

TSHP477: Staying Cozy This Winter

TSHP476: An Update From Sean & Ed

TSHP474: Organ Donation

TSHP473: The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

TSHP472: Is gossip a good thing?

TSHP471: Family

TSHP470: Sean is back from hospital

TSHP469: Power, Win, Lose

TSHP467: Leadership & Kindness

TSHP465: You’ve Got To Laugh

TSHP464: The Power of a Smile

TSHP462: Holidays in the UK are the future?

TSHP460: Be Kind

TSHP559: Happiness is infectious

TSHP458: Your Inner Voice

TSHP457: Message in a bottle

TSHP456: Letting go of the past

TSHP455: Keep Smiling

TSHP454: Is it time to change the day job?

TSHP453: Disappointment is a Choice

TSHP452: Dealing with Doubt and Fear

TSHP451: Surviving The Winter

TSHP450: Ignore the Blue Monday Hype

TSHP447: New Years Resolution’s 2022

TSHP445: Is it ever okay to lie?

Did you really just say that?

TSHP442: Rich & Unhappy?

TSHP441: Seduction, the Truth & Politicians

TSHP440: Holidaying at Home

TSHP439: Avoiding Winter Weight

TSHP437: Empty Nest and Covid Fears

TSHP435: The Joy of Pets

TSHP433: Happy Body, Happy Mind!

TSHP430: Are you allowed to attend?

TSHP429: Who are you performing for?

TSHP428: Is setting goals worth it?

TSHP427: The Answer Lies Within

TSHP426: Happy Holiday Covid Style

TSHP423: Tame Your Anxiety

TSHP422: Cyberchondria (or Google-itis)

TSHP420: What’s the point?

TSHP419: Truth, Lies & Frustration

TSHP418: Creating your safe place

TSHP415: The Importance of Failure

TSHP414: Do you feel like an imposter?

TSHP413: Retail Therapy After Lockdown

TSHP412: Time to Rebuild Community