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What Do We Do When We Get Stuck?

Do you ever feel that despite you best intentions changing is just too difficult? On the podcast this week Ed and I are looking at what we do when our efforts to create change are simply not working. Despite our best efforts things seem to be going wrong, nothing is falling into place. It can […]

TSHP107: Live in the Present Step 6 – Allowing

What’s Coming This Episode? So buy now we’ve forgiven others, ourselves and started to claw our way into the present. But what about when we come across those annoying folks that stand in our way? Those folks who do things things that we’re so uncomfortable with? Allow them to be them, that’s what… Enjoy the […]

The Law of Allowing

The Law of Allowing In this step on the course Ed and I have been talking about the law of Allowing. This is one of the hardest steps in the Live in the Present course. “The only thing you should be intolerant of is intolerance” Plato If you feel angry or disgruntled when someone with […]

TSHP106: Live in the Present Step 5 – Intention

What’s Coming This Episode? We’ve worked through a lot of ‘stuff’ in recent weeks and now, with our mindful awareness, we’re ready to start creating the world we want to live in. For that we need intention. Ask yourself the question, ‘what do I really want?’ Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show […]


If you have been following the steps in the book you will have let go of the past, focussed on gratitude and, come mindfully into your present. Are you in your present? The chances are that you may not be there yet. The work that has been laid out in the previous steps may take […]

TSHP105: Live in the Present Step 4 – Mindfulness

What’s Coming This Episode? By this stage we should have helped you move through some tricky stuff. So where now? Well, the present of course! Enter Mindfulness… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Here’s a link to this week’s blog post by Sean Grab ‘The Chimp Paradox’ – great […]

Be Mindful

Step 4 In the podcast this week we have been looking at Mindfulness. In the previous steps we have focussed on letting go of the past. Mindfulness requires that we are living in the present having let go of the past and not worrying about the future. Focusing on the past leads to depression and […]