If you have been following the steps in the book you will have let go of the past, focussed on gratitude and, come mindfully into your present.

Are you in your present?

The chances are that you may not be there yet. The work that has been laid out in the previous steps may take you some time to complete. That is not a problem. It does not matter how long it takes. What is important is that you persistently and consistently keep going. This is a theme that we return to again and again. If you are in your present, then you are now ready to begin to create your future.

Your choice and responsibility
You, hopefully, now realise that you are the total creator of all that you have experienced and all that you ever will experience. If you are still harbouring negative attachment to the past, take responsibility for it and do something about it. You may need to revisit steps one and two several or many times, until you are really clear of your negative past.

If you are finding it difficult to let go of particular events or people you may find it necessary, to go into therapy and maybe even long-term therapy. Whatever you do, let it go and enjoy your present, enjoy your life.

Beliefs are the building blocks of your paradigm. We all have a paradigm. Even the most positive person is manifesting their paradigm; it is simply that theirs is composed of positive, not negative, beliefs. It is so important to understand your paradigm and, perhaps, how it developed and then decide how you would like to change it. You might need to refer back to the earlier steps to be clear about what you are doing.

Intention allows you to move towards your goal. As you move into this stage you begin to tune into your desires for the future. As you do this the residue of your negative paradigm will attempt to reassert itself and hold you back. This is were you need to maintain a persistent belief in your ability to change to get where you want.

You need self-belief
Self-belief is based in your ability, and your right, to have and achieve all that you desire. Whether that is the most altruistic or the most self-centred goal, it is important and has value. The Law of Attraction is constant and will simply reflect back to you more of what you focus on. This is why it is so important that you have to let go of the past in steps one and two allowing you to move forward and not be held back.

As you work through this step be honest with yourself about your hopes, wishes and desires, think out of the box. What do you really want? Go for it.

With intention you can make you dreams become your reality.

Be happy and take care

Sean x

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