What Do We Do When We Get Stuck?

Do you ever feel that despite you best intentions changing is just too difficult?

On the podcast this week Ed and I are looking at what we do when our efforts to create change are simply not working. Despite our best efforts things seem to be going wrong, nothing is falling into place. It can feel that the world is against use, despite our best efforts nothing is going right. Time to get a little determination!

Us human beings are tenacious but also stubborn. Your human MindBrain system, that we also describe as your paradigm, is formed by the habits that you have learned since the moment of your birth. Strangely many of us create, and carry on with, the worst most self damaging habits, even with the clear knowledge of the damage they are doing to us. Yet, we sometimes do anything to avoid changing.

We say things like, “better the devil that you know”.

For many of us the status quo, however horrible, is often seen as a better bet than attempting to change ourselves so that we might enjoy something better.

The things that we think about we bring about

The relentless repetition of habitual behaviours day after day, year after year, embed themselves in our inner paradigm so that we can fool ourselves into believing that…

“this is just the way I am”.

This is never true. You and everyone else are the sum total of all that you can think, feel, imagine and do. You are simply the sum total off all that habits that you have learned. You are never, and never will be, “just the way you are”…

…you are what you have learned to be.

Do you like what you have learned to be? Are you happy with how you think, with your inner feelings and the way that you live your life? If the answer is ‘no’ then it is time to change.

The problem is inertia. To change takes great effort and it can simply be easier to stay the way that we are. Sometimes we attempt change only to hit the blocks, problems and issues that we need to overcome to complete the change. Our inertia is the heavy weight of all those habits that we have learned.

Overcoming the blocks in our path demands of us that we are persistent and consistent in our efforts, or, as Winston Churchill once said…

‘…never, never,never, never, give up’

We can all change if we want to. Persistence and consistence enables us to create the new habits that are the new you, the you that you want to be.

Change is the natural flow of evolution. Change through choice allows us to evolve into what we want to become.

Enjoy who you are and enjoy who you are becoming.

Take care

Sean x

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