Struggling for Willpower? This might help…

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.

According to JW von Goethe if you never start what needs to be one you will never finish if. An evident truth that we often avoid through distraction and displacement.

New Years resolutions require that we let go of all the emotional baggage that we are carrying from last year, to enable us to move forward into the New Year and our new achievements.

Once you decide on your resolutions your goals will become within your reach. In fact once you know where you want to go and what you wish to achieve then achieving them is a simple process. It just requires commitment and action on your behalf. The following steps might help you on your way…

1: Have clear goals – be sure about what it is that you specifically want to achieve.

2: Write it down – when you write something down you are reinforcing your intention to achieve in your conscious mind.

3: Focus on one thing at a time – don’t allow yourself to become confused and overloaded, or distracted.

4: Pick your tasks logically – make a plan and stick to it.

5: Ensure that your actions serve you well – Ask your self “What can I do right now that will bring me one step closer to my desired goal?” as often in the day as you can.

6: Educate yourself – Make sure you develop the knowledge and skills required to complete your goal.

7: Keep it simple – start with simple tasks, worry about the difficult ones once you have started.

8: Ask advice from and listen to other people – Anything else that you need to know can be learnt on the way.

Start now – don’t leave it until tomorrow

Review and adjust – check if you are making progress? If not review what you are doing and adapt it.

Be persistent and consistent – until the goal is completed.

Any one can achieve anything if they approach it in the right way and remain persistent and consistent in their efforts.

Happy New Year
Enjoy your achievements

Sean. x

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