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TSHP288: The Power of Music

What’s Coming This Episode? We all love music, right? RIGHT? Well you’d better. It makes us dance, laugh, cry… whatever you want, music can do it. But why? Where does this desire come from? Over to Sean and Ed… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean […]

TSHP287: The Benefits of Volunteering

What’s Coming This Episode? What have you volunteered for lately? Making a cup of tea for your spouse? Manning the phones at your local church hall? Doing a free website for your Auntie Margaret? Volunteers are honoured by the UN on December 5th and, this week, Sean and Ed discuss the ins and outs of […]

TSHP286: Are you ready for change?

What’s Coming This Episode? Are you ready for change? Do you fight like mad to avoid a new routine or do you embrace the madness of our universe? Change will come to us all – it might be a shift in career or the loss of a loved one. Our ability to adapt and show […]

TSHP285: Climate Change and Self Development

What’s Coming This Episode? Climate Change. It’s here. It’s changing… but are we ready for the change? Aside from the terrible predictions of fire, flood and famine, we’re interested in the chance it gives us to become better. Better friends, family neighbours and wider communities… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help […]

TSHP284: World Kindness Day

What’s Coming This Episode? Kindness needs a bump. We know it’s important by why don’t we always act like it? In honour of World Kindness Day 2018, we thought now was a great time to explore the art of kindness… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links […]

TSHP283: Why You Should Live a Frugal Life

What’s Coming This Episode? As we approach the Christmas holidays a lot of people will be saving hard (or maxing out that credit card) to enter into the gift giving yuletide spirit. We know that financial pressure can bring huge amounts of anxiety. We also know that consumerism needs containing. So can we live a […]

TSHP282: Remembering the Dead (Halloween Special)

What’s Coming This Episode? It’s Halloween as we record today which to Sean thinking about why we dress us like zombies and beg for sweets at at neighbours’ front doors. It’s a fascinating history as it turns out and we dive deeper into the world of respecting and remembering the deceased… Enjoy the show and […]

TSHP280: Take Some Responsibility (It Will Help, Trust Us)

What’s Coming This Episode? How often do we shirk responsibility? How often when, given the choice, do we face up to our problems instead of running away from them? Sean and Ed have both met with ‘interesting’ road-related issues in the past week, incidents where the perpetrators fled the scene. Let’s talk about responsibility… Enjoy […]

TSHP279: World Mental Health Day

What’s Coming This Episode? October 10th is World Mental Health Day. It feels as though mental health is only just starting to be discussed openly and honestly. It’s hard to quantify just how big of a problem poor mental health is but, with 800,000 suicides globally each year then it’s safe to say we’ve got […]