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TSHP415: The Importance of Failure

 What’s Coming This Episode? In the last podcast we were looking at people’s fear of returning to the workplace and imposter syndrome. Alongside these fears is the fear of failure. I have been trying explain to people that what we see as failure may not actually be a bad thing, how else do we […]

TSHP414: Do you feel like an imposter?

 What’s Coming This Episode? Self doubt seems to be the new lockdown lurgy. I have working with so many people who over lockdown that have lost their self confidence. The fear of going back to the workplace can make people feel vulnerable. Let’s talk about self doubt and how to manage and overcome it. […]

TSHP413: Retail Therapy After Lockdown

 What’s Coming This Episode? Life is returning to ‘normal’ in the UK and a wall of cash is ready to hit the high street from those that are fortunate enough to have savings from the past year. What makes us want to spend, and what precautions should we take to keep our money out […]

TSHP412: Time to Rebuild Community

What’s Coming This Episode? The pandemic has brought us some tremendous lows, but it did also give rise to some fantastic community action. As our worlds shrunk, we were forced to explore our neighbourhoods and reconnect with our neighbours. How can we harness that before life returns to ‘normal’? Enjoy the show, it’s The Self […]

TSHP411: Why do we no longer trust our sense of smell?

 What’s Coming This Episode? Our sense of smell evolved to tell us about the world around us. We could tell if something had gone off, was dangerous or poisonous. It told us about other people and about ourselves. Most of all our sense of smell evolved to keep us safe. So what’s gone wrong? […]

TSHP410: Coming Out Of Hibernation

 What’s Coming This Episode? Lockdown is ending the UK and we’re all coming out of our shells. Some are doing it quickly and some are being far more cautious. What should we be thinking about as we emerge back onto our high streets and into the gardens (and homes, eventually) of friends and family? […]

TSHP409: A Path Travelled continued, with special guest Alison Blackler

 What’s Coming This Episode? We were delighted to welcome back Alison Blackler to the show. Alison is a transformational mind coach, facilitator and author. Her unique approach helps individuals and teams to explore, recognise and understand why we think like we do. She describes herself as having a powerful toolkit to help to uncover […]

TSHP408: Breaking out – What have we learned from Covid-19 & lockdown?

 What’s Coming This Episode? Is it over?! Can we go out? Apparently so… lockdown is gradually coming to an end in the UK. It’s been a heck of a year and quite a cold, lonely winter for most of us. As we reintroduce ourselves to our friends, family and colleagues it’s time to have […]

TSHP407: Live in the Present Chapter 10 – The Work

 What’s Coming This Episode? We made it! Step 10 is the final step in your journey of self discovery. We’ve learnt so much and come so far. Now it’s time to begin The Work… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Download Chapter 10 of the LITP book here […]

TSHP406: Live in the Present Chapter 9 – Relativity

 What’s Coming This Episode? It’s time for Step 9 of the Live in the Present course. We’re almost there! What a journey. At this phase it’s important to remember your skills, your limitations and your wider place in the universe. Let’s talk about relativity… Enjoy the show, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes […]