Why Forgiveness Will Set You Free

Forgiveness can seem impossible for so many people. The stumbling block for most people is that in forgiving we become confused with the idea that we are condoning behaviours that we know were wrong. That we are, in some way saying that what that person did, however bad, was ok. This could not be further from the truth.

To forgive means to forgo your retribution or to let go of your hatred. There is a simple reason for this. The only person that hatred will ever harm is the hater. When you hate, or have negative thoughts about others, your body creates all the negative chemistry that will ultimately damage your body. It raises your blood pressure, hardens your arteries and leads to stroke, heart attacks, ulcer, back ache, neck ache, head ache and dementia. Then comes the nausea, irritable bowel, eczema, asthma and so on. The list really is endless.

In hatred it is as though you have taken the poison expecting it to kill someone else.

Forgiveness will set you free

The only person your hatred damages is you

It gets worse. When we maintain negative attachments to the past they will stop us moving forward. The emotions of the negativity that we hold about other people or events are like elastic bands. That keep pulling us back and stop us progressing in life.

In forgiveness, forgoing or letting go you will be able to move into your present. In your present you are able to create the life that you really want for your self. When you are bound to the past you will never create the future that you desire.

A final thought

If the science of karma (the law of cause and effect) is right, and I suspect that it is, then everyone gets theirs in the end. There are no free lunches. All debts need to be paid in full. It would seem that it is not my (our) role in life to punish people for the things that they have done. It is equally true that I do not need to punish myself either. In letting these things go I step out of the cycle of karma and move forward unencumbered by the past in to a happy and fulfilling future.

Do you have anyone that you need to forgive? You don’t need to speak with them, just release yourself of all negative energy you may be holding on to.

Let go, be happy and live in the present.

With Love,
Sean x

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