TSHP004 – Why Live in the Present?

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Why Live in the Present? We named our company with a great deal of care. To live in the present, to be mindful and full of awareness is to be alive! Ian Brady is back in the news this week in the UK. Also, Ed and Sean talk about a very boozy tiramisu (which Ed’s 18 month old son enjoyed), Ed’s near death experience in his kart, Where’s Wally? and it’s value as a therapy tool and why you shouldn’t have an orgasm whilst driving. Enjoy!

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  1. Cathy Holder
    Cathy Holder says:

    Would totally agree Sean with the inability to live in the present when you retire – having just retired myself I do find it hard not to let go of the past, and by that I mean my employment, the people I worked with – both colleagues and clients/offenders – what are they doing, are they coping without me!! I then focus on the future – scarey as it is at the moment but will attempt to focus on day to day stuff instead and see if it helps. Must say my grandson keeps me grounded and focused! Also, liked your discussion re Ian Brady but then I am a retired probation officer – see did it again – gaining my identity from my past job!! Walked out of the room at that point to get some coffee and came back to hear you talking about sneezing and orgasim! Will go back and listen again. Love Peepo and agree it is detailed and you see something different every time we read it. Am working with a man at the moment who struggles to live in the present and am off now to get a Where’s Wally book! Have a good day Cathy Holder

    • Edward Lamb
      Edward Lamb says:

      Thanks for the comment Cathy! Ah, retirement. A distant prospect for my good self! Glad to hear you’re a fan of Peepo – I was reading it to my little lad last night again.

      Best of luck living in the present (both to you and the chap you’re leaving with).


    • Sean Orford
      Sean Orford says:

      Hi Cathy. It sounds as though you have not really retired. Ed and I both feel that when we are living the life that is the true expression of who we really are, then work and life are never separate, they are the same thing. Perhaps the essence of who you were as a probation officer, the essential reason why you did that work, is really who you are as your core being. Perhaps you will continue to to do and be your essential self until the day that you die. The title may change but perhaps the role, or expression of life, never changes.

      Both sneezing and orgasm are our system’s way of rebalancing our body energy. And as such both should be encouraged. Also realising that meditation does the same thing. Sexual orgasms are a balance of the bio energy between the gonads, sneezing is an emotional balance between the nostrils, meditation is a spiritual balance between the hemispheres of the brain.

      I love that feeling that every time I read a book I see something different. I read the same books many times, often people, think I am a bit odd, but, as I change and grow as a person, the things that I get from the books change.Thank you for listening to the podcast. Sean x


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