Can We Exit Brexit?

Could this be the time to Exit Brexit??

Well, I was beginning to feel that Ed and I were just bonkers with our ‘Remainer’ ideals and then to my great surprise this week a group of German business leaders have suggested, very sanely, that the EU should make some simple concessions that would appease the British xenophobes, that voted for Brexit therefore allowing Britain to remain. They said, “Exit Brexit”.

In the Telegraph an article by Justin Huggler, 21 Nov 2017, happily announced that …

…A group of German business leaders and politicians has called for the European Union to persuade Britain to reverse Brexit by offering a comprehensive deal on immigration and free movement.

Under the slogan “Exit from Brexit: a new deal for Britain and the EU”, the group of seven influential figures warned that Germany must do more to prevent losing “its most valuable partner within the EU.

Basically, we want the EU to offer the deal David Cameron was looking for before the referendum,” Hans-Olaf Henkel, a senior German MEP and one of the leaders of the initiative said.
“We want to offer Britain the right to stop people who have no jobs entering the country and entering its social welfare system

Reading this made me whoop, “yes, could this be a solution?” I really do hope that it could be.

I am not a politician and I am not an accountant, I am a lowly old psychotherapist who, after many years in the consulting room, various boardrooms and many hundred meetings know a bit or two about people and their needs. I am not and have never been, ashamed to admit that I am a full blooded Remainer, I am a european.

For me it is simple. Human beings will only survive if we learn to work and live together without division while at the same time loving and celebrating our diversity. The division of prejudice, xenophobia, racism, and every other ism you can think of only create strife, conflict, war and death, often to the innocent. The last two world wars are living proof of what happens when a continent fragments. Potentially this is what is happening again with the potential break up of Europe with Brexit, Nexit, Dexit and so on. All we need is for the Euro currency to collapse and we will be right back where we started in the early 1900’s before the First World War.

I am not naive and although the German business leaders in question were probably driven by their own needs of commerce and could therefore be considered selfish I think that selfishness could actually serve us well. It goes something like this. The sense of self is what we would identify as our ego or what we would describe as me. So that being selfish could be described as being me-ish.
We all have a concept of self or me. Just so that I am clear I am defining ‘me’ as my ego and the way that I see me and my ‘personality’ as the way that you see me. They may not always match. My ego is like a bubble and in this bubble I will include all that I see as mine or myself. Normally this would include my body, clothes, other possessions, house, car and so on. It may also include people. Those inside my ego bubble I will call ‘us’. It might be my partner, kids, family, friends. When something is inside my ego bubble I will always identify it as me. So if some threatens my family or friends they are also threatening me and I will react as if were a direct threat to me. Whatever is inside my ego bubble will get my protect and support, I will defend it and fight for it.

Some people have a very large ego bubble. Mother Theresa of Calcutta identifies all the poor of Calcutta as her self and treated them and respected then as though they were herself. They we all within her ego bubble.

Our ego bubble or sense of ‘us’ could be family, village, town, county, country and so on. It might just be as big as all of Europe and in the extreme could include all of humanity in the entire world. Remember that whatever I include inside my ego bubble will be treated as myself.

When a country closes it’s boarders to those that are not seen as ‘us’ but are separated as ‘them’ we have the basic fragmentation of humanity. We see in all walks of life from football clubs to political parties and religions to genders and ethnicities to orientations. The segregation of ‘us’ and ‘them’ is the death knell of the human race.

The strangest thing is that there is enough space, food, water, products, love, and so on for everyone. All we need to do is to learn share and not hoard, to give and not take and to give while expecting nothing in return.

When the whole of humanity is myself, when we are all ‘us’ and there is no ‘them’ we have a chance of survival. Fragmentation leads to destruction and total fragmentation leads to total destruction.

One important fact is that in being ‘one’ all aspects need to have a voice, all need to be heard. The voices of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and England need to be equal. Just as all the country states of the European community need to be heard.

I am not saying that the EU had it right, it is a work in progress and leaving it if not progress it is the fragmentation that leads to future strife. The EU needs to change. The role of Remainers is to change it from with inside it, it cannot be changed from the outside.

So, I want to that the German business leaders for their timely intervention. I really do hope that people listen and I do hope that we Exit Brexit and remain a part of Europe.

Thank about your ego bubble. Who and what do you include as yourself?

Take care and be happy

Sean x

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