TSHP035 – Living With Cancer

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What’s Coming This Episode?

Cancer. The ‘C’ word. To be told that you or a close relative has been diagnosed can come as a huge shock, where as more dangerous (statistically) conditions such as heart disease don’t have the same fear-factor. That said, a huge percentage of people will develop cancer at some point of their lives, so it’s best to be prepared.

This is a special episode as Sean and Ed have a special guest – it’s Rie! Finally! Rie is a psycho-oncology counsellor (nice title!) who works at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre helping folks out. The majority of people Rie deals with have, interestingly, are at the end of their treatment, others maybe expecting them to be celebrating, but this a common time for people to struggle to deal with what has happened to them – depression and anxiety are both real issues. Living with cancer, whether it’s there or not, is a hugely important issue.

Enjoy the show!

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