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TSHP023 – The Meditation Special (Part 1 of 2)

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What’s Coming This Episode?

Dr-David-Cox-HeadspaceMeditation can be an oasis of calm in the madness of life. For thousands of years, human beings have been using meditation to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Sean has been meditating since he was 10. Ed hasn’t yet got the bug, so this is meditation for beginners. Thankfully (for Ed at least) there are amazing new companies like Headspace on the scene that make learning meditation techniques easier than ever. We’re delighted to welcome Dr David Cox, Chief Medical Officer at Headspace, onto our show this week to talk about some of the science behind meditation. Part 1 of this Meditation Special has the shortened version of the interview.

After the interview Sean and Ed discuss meditation from their point of view and, towards the end of the episode, Sean delivers two practical meditations that you can all take part in. Nice! (Disclaimer – make sure you’re not driving/working whilst listening to these parts).

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes and Links

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Resource of the Week

Well it has to be Headspace doesn’t it? Visit the website, grab the app for your smart phone or follow them on Facebook/Twitter for more.

We must mention other services such as Meditation Oasis,, Omvana and One Moment Meditation as well. Fantastic resources. Don’t forget out free meditation mp3s as well of course! Enter your email address on our site if you haven’t already.

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