When it isn’t working

When you talk to people who achieve what they want from life, very few will tell you that it is easy. There will always be issues that get in the way and will need to be worked with, overcome or avoided. I am using the word ‘issue’ deliberately, I could have used problem, crisis, disaster and so on.

The nature of being alive and interacting in the world is that difficult things happen, it is the nature of life. Whether we see them as problems, challenges or the opportunity to learn and grow describes how we deal with life and what will happen next.

For even the most positive individual there will be times in life when issues can seem overwhelming and insurmountable and we feel stuck. Perhaps we cannot see what to do or have no idea where to turn. At times like this what makes the difference between success and failure is determination. As Winston Churchill put it…

All the science and neuropsychology, and every client that I have ever worked with, point to the simple fact that if you are consistent and persistent, regardless of the obstacles that you encounter you will in the end, eventually, reach your goal.

Live in the present, remain persistent and consistent and you will achieve your goal

Be happy

Sean x

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