Money, money, money

Money is a powerful motivator.

Often when I say to people ‘what would make you happy?’ money comes into it somewhere. If you then say how much do you want, most people say ‘a million’. An odd number really. Most people do not need or want a million. What they want is ‘enough’, so how much is enough for you?

We confuse money with other things. Money does not and never will create happiness. What money is, is a form of energy, like a seed that when we release it or plant it, it has an effect. In that sense money is a form of power. An engineer defines power as:

The ability to do work

And so the engineer gives an engine a power rating, defining what it is able to do. Money just allows you to do things or to do more of what you are already doing.

The are many resources other than money that will enable you to do or become what you want. These include technology and things but more importantly ideas, creativity, determination, being consistence and persistence and more importantly other people.

You see, money does enable us to do things and to have things, but for most people money is a result of doing things or a by-product of producing something or creating a service. In that sense, for most people, money is what is produced from what they do.

Bob Proctor describes money as compensation for the goods or service that you provide. People that are financially successful have usually done it by doing something that they enjoy. The money, though good, is secondary to the thing that makes them happy.

This, I believe is an important principle, money is best when it is the result of happiness and not so good when we attempt to find happiness through money.

Live in the present and use your natural talents and abilities to be happy and allow this to produce the money and resources that you desire.

Be happy

Sean x

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