Are You Mindful or Mindless?

Moment by moment, throughout our lives, we choose to invest our energy into being positive or negative. What we feed grows and what we starve dies. Do you choose to be positive or negative? Do you choose to be mindful or mindless?

Mindful people are always part of the answer.
When you are faced with an issue or a problem, perhaps it is for you or maybe for a friend or colleague, do you do your best to see the positive and attempt to make the situation better?

Mindless people are always part of the problem.
Of course it could be that you are so finely tuned into the negative that you always see the worst in every situation and end up saying things that make the situation even worse.

A mindful person always has a plan.
In response to difficult situations some people just go off half cock, headless chicken syndrome, and simply create more difficulties, because they do not plan or think ahead.

A mindless person always has an excuse.
Some people find other to blame, “it was not may fault”, ” I didn’t realise”, “It wasn’t me it was him”. We can always find an excuse or we can take responsibility for our action and who we are and choose to make it right.

Mindful people say: “Let me do it for you.”
When we all look after each other we can create heaven on earth. When you only look after yourself, to the detriment of others, we only create hell.

Mindless people say: “That is not my job.”
When we leave it to others and we expect them to get it right, then, no one’s needs get met. This is the height of mindlessness and the basis of most human problems.

A mindful person sees an answer for any problem.
When we do not have problems but we have challenges and opportunities, they can then lead to solutions and resolutions – life can change if we decide that it will.

A mindless person sees a problem to any answer.
Some people see that nothing is solvable, and that we only have problems, life is a road to hell in a handcart, it will never get better. This is a downward spiral to loss, depression and desperation.

A mindful person says: “It may be difficult but it’s possible.”
Mindful people never, never, never, never give up. Nothing is impossible everything can be solved, all can be achieved, life is good, anything can be solved.

A mindless person says: “It may be possible but it’s too difficult.”
Mindless people do not even give it a chance. They give up at the first hurdle. They assume the worst from the outset. They assume success is not for them. They concentrate and work on failure.

Mindful people see the past as what they learned, they challenge this, do not make it a habit and move forward.
Mindful people learn from what happened, they move forward and do not allow past emotional events to hold them back.

Mindless people remain attached to the past, become depressed and stuck.
Mindful people live in the present and purposefully and positively create their future. They get rid of the past through forgiveness and letting go.

Mindful people see their future with creative potential and positive expectation.
Mindful people see a positive future and bring it into their present and live it now. They assume that with positive intent all will turn out ok.

Mindless people see their future with fear, anxiety and negative expectation.
When we focus on negative futures and feel anxiety in the present we need to use mindfulness to live in the now and be happy. We can never be happy in the future. We can only be happy in the now.

Mindful or Mindless?
It is your choice moment by moment.

To be mindful, effective, and happy, you need to Live In The Present and treat everything that happens to you, whatever it is, as a wonderful opportunity to grow.

Life is good, if we want it to be.

Be Happy – choose mindfulness

Sean X

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