Will you be my Valentine?

So what will you be getting your loved one this Valentine’s day? Will it be the same as usual? The question is why are you doing it and what does it mean? February 14th is, we assume, a celebration of love, happiness and relationships. Or is it simply people buying cards flowers, meals and wine as a reflex action; is it just another habit in the year?

So, rather than the cards, chocolates, champagne and flowers that seem to have been the staple gifts for many years, how about we go back to basic’s and send a real valentine. A card that we make or write our self with our own message felt from the heart. This works both ways because, believe it or not, many men want some romance as well.

In the podcast this week we suggested that you ask each other certain questions and Ed has put some, links up that will help you do that. The aim is that you tune into each other all over again. Tuning into each other is what the practise of Tantra is really about. The word Tantra, much famed by Sting, with the promise of prolonged sex, means ‘woven together’. The act and purpose of foreplay is to tune into each other, this is the weaving of Tantra that leads to sensual and sexual pleasure. When woven together two people become one, they merge together in sensual bliss. Well, the best form of foreplay is communication. It is easy to say “I love you” but when did you last tell your loved one what you love about them and why you love them?

My suggestion is that you write your loved one a good old fashioned love letter, or you sit down and actually tell them why and how you love them. It might just bring you closer together.

Take care, be happy and make love not war.

Sean x

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