TSHP037 – How to Fall In Love

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What’s Coming This Episode?

Those three wonderful words – ‘I love you’. How wonderful to hear them! But get this… research has shown that the act of feeling loved and wanted has very little to do with what is said. More, it’s about a persons tone of voice and, of course, their body language and actions.

Pretty much all humans have a basic desire to love and to be loved, finding love can often be quite a tribulation. Over to The Self Help Podcast to garner a few thoughts on the subject. Can Sean teach us how to fall in love?

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes and Links

Resource of the Week

  • Sean mentioned a book that appears to be out of print! The Luscher Color Test by Max Luscher. Let us know if you manage to find a copy!
  • Ed shows his love through cookery, and his all time favourite cookbook is Jamie at Home. The pizza dough and shoulder of lamb recipes are beyond awesome.

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