Why live in the present?

Well have you ever tried to change the past?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could? Of course it is crazy to think like that. We can never change what has happened as much as we might like to. Yet many of us go over and over the past imagining how life would be if it had been different, if things had or hadn’t happened, as though changing the past would change who we are now.

It is the same with the future. How many of us look ahead dreaming of what we might have or of what we might become. It is impossible to change or even predict what will happen in the future. However much we plan and hope for, the reality is that we never really know what will happen next.

That doesn’t mean that we should not plan, dream or develop goals, it is that we need to understand that the only time we can ever change is in the present, in the now. Most people fail to achieve their goals in the future because that are locked into attitude, habits and behaviours that they developed in their past.

When you live in the present you are not worried by what has happened or anxious about what will happen. In the present you can clearly aim at where you would like to be and go for it, living in the present every step of the way and adjusting your actions to stay on target whatever life throws at you.

Did you know that both planes and ships spend90% of the time off course. Both winds and currents are forever pushing one way or the other. Sometimes the force of the wind or current will be pushing back while at other times it will be pushing forward. The job of the captain is to keep correcting the direction of the vessel to keep it aimed at the final destination.

You are the captain of your life. The currents of the past will keep you moving away from your goals and the the winds of the future will keep pushing you off target. When you stay in the present you can steer your course and achieve your destination, reach your goal, and live your dream.

Be happy, live in the present

With love
Sean x

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