The Anchor to the Past

The past holds us all back. Well, that is not strictly true. It is not what has happened to us that holds us back it is our attachment to past events that is the trouble. This attachment is just like the chain on an anchor that is wedged into where we have been and is impeding our ability to move forward.

Like all attachments the chain to the past is emotional and as with all emotional attachments we have a lot invested in them. That is why they are hard to let go of.

The classic emotion to the past is anger at people or events. Anger and blame will keep you anchored forever. It is only when we can let go of angry feelings to others that we can weigh anchor and move on. Surprisingly few people can do this and stay forever in the past blaming other people and events for their present situation and experience.


In our work the first task to moving into the present is letting go and that requires forgiveness. Not the surface kind where you say the right words but don’t feel it or live it. This is real shedding of every link in the chain that keeps us locked into what was.

Be happy, let go of what was and Live in The Present

Take care

Sean x

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