Be Mindful

Being Mindful is the reality of living in the present. To be mindful is to be totally aware of all that is happening, of all your actions and to be in control of all that you are thinking and feeling. Most importantly, to have an awareness of the effect that you have on the world and all those that you interact with.

A high wire acrobat must either be mindful in every moment and of every move that is made or be dead. But then so must a sculpture, a simple miss or hit could destroy a complete work of art. But then a lorry driver negotiating the tight bends in the heart of a small town must remain mindful as must a pilot.

However, Mindful skills become vital in interpersonal relationships. A Mindful parent will develop a well balanced and happy child, a Mindful manager will create a happy and productive workforce, a Mindful politician will create a happy and fulfilled society, a Mindful partner will enhance a happy relationship, the example is endless.

The most important state of Mindfulness needs to be within us. To be Mindful of self and all that we do, means that we minimise the damage we might do to others and the world around us. At the same time in Mindfulness we can maximise the positive effects that we can have on our self and the world.

Living Mindfully is the driving force in the evolution of human consciousness. It doesn’t matter whether we call it life experience, self development, therapy or education, the movement of all of human consciousness is forward. The evolving human mind becomes ever more refined in thoughts feelings and actions. This is true for all of humanity, for differing societies but most importantly for individuals.

In Mindfulness we can both create and take advantage of every opportunity that helps us improve our situation. This may not be a material thing or involve money, self improvement is about happiness in whatever is your situation.

Live in the present, be mindful and be happy

Sean x


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