Attitudes and Gratitude

If you think about it being happy and being grateful go together. You cannot be happy if you are experiencing feelings of ingratitude. Equally if you are feeling happy then gratitude for what ever you are experiencing underpins feelings of happiness.

Because we know that the mind/brain creates our next experience minute by minute, then it follows that if the mind brain is engaged in feelings of happiness and gratitude then our response to life will always have a positive slant. The opposite if also true. If the mind brain is engaged in negative thought cycles of ingratitude and unhappiness, then our perception is focused on all that is negative.

Positive expectation, underpinned with feelings of gratitude and happiness are the key ingredients to a successful life. This is always true. It does not matter what your life goals are they will need to be underpinned by positive expectation and gratitude.

Wherever you are and whatever your situation there is always something to be grateful for:

Let us rise up today and be thankful
for if we didn’t learn a lot today
at least we learned a little
and if we didn’t learn a little
at least we didn’t get sick
and if we got sick
at least we didn’t die
so let us all be thankful


Developing feelings of gratitude in the now, in the present, ensure’s you of a positive future

Live gratefully in the present, be happy

Sean x

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