The Sky is not the Limit

Living In YOUR Present

The magic of the present, of the now, is in reality all that ever really exists.  Most of us live in the past or the future.  The past was once the present, but now our ability to affect what happened to us in the past does not exist.  Likewise the future will also eventually become our present, but our ability to affect it, or deal with it will only be when it is in our now, in our present.

If you remain attached to the negative past this is the seed of depression.  All forms of depression, other than those related to a chemical imbalance in our endocrine system, termed ‘clinical depression’, are related to unresolved past events.  If you project forwards into a negative future that may or may not happen, this is the seeds of anxiety.  The present is the thing that passes us by while we are worrying about what may happen next.  Much of our work at Live in the Present (LITP) concerns enabling people to let go of the past, stop worrying about a possible future and discover their present self, through our educational programmes, coaching and therapy.

Enjoy your journey rather than worrying about your destination.

Be here now.

Myself, Ed and Rie have so many exciting plans and new ventures for 2012 including our new book Live in the Present.

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With love,
Sean x

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