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The Trouble with Self Development

The Secret has a lot to answer for.

Firstly, it’s sold well over 21 million copies so it’s far from a secret now. Secondly, it doesn’t work.

The Secret gives the impression that if you think about something for long enough and will it hard enough then it will magically appear in front of you.

Well, we’re sorry to tell you this, but the universe doesn’t work like that. Without effort you get nothing in life.

At Live in the Present we’ve got big things planned for 2012. Top of our list is a book of our own. We’re hard at work creating what we hope will be the best, most beautiful self development book you’ve ever seen.

You can sign up for updates via the link below and we’ll let you know as soon it’s ready. In the meantime we’ll be using this site to showcase some of the best work that’s going on in the world right now. All of them are living in their present and loving every nanosecond of it. There’s no reason why you can’t be the same.

Here’s to 2012. Happy new you.

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  1. matthew webb
    matthew webb says:

    Well you’ve shocked me with this one Sean, especially as it was yourself that taught me about The Secret. Having said that, I think I understand where you are coming from. I have a science brain, in that I don’t believe in mystical supernatural forces. I do however believe in the power of focusing the mind. I don’t believe in putting an order in through mind power and sitting back waiting for the universe to spirit it to me. I use an old joke as an analogy when I try to relay this to my kids, the one about the priest who is cast adrift at sea and prays for his Lord to save him. A ship, a yacht and a helicopter all try to rescue the priest but he turns away from them saying ‘I do not need your help, my good Lord shall save me.’ After he drowns he stands before God wanting to know why he wasn’t saved and the Lord replies ‘Good grief man, I sent you a ship, a yacht….’ Rubbish joke, but it’s the message in there that I want them to understand. I liked The Secret because it was about focusing the mind, and I always believed that was how it worked. Once you are able to appreciate what you have you can focus on what you would like and when you are focused you will see that there are opportunities all around you, but you still have to take those opportunities and do the work to turn them into whatever you want them to be. Hope I’m along the right lines. Best regards.


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