Look Back, Let Go, Be Positive, Move Forward

Just take a step back to the same time eighteen months ago, what were you expecting of 2020/21? I doubt that you were expecting was what has actually taken place. As we and our communities are starting to get moving again we need to take the time to stop and do a quick audit so that we can really move forward physically, emotionally and mentally.

Now is time to review.

Our work is all about living in the present so the idea of looking back may seem odd. Yet we often only have a sense of the now because of our awareness of what was in the past. The trick in living the present is to let go of the emotional ties that bind us to the past and then we are able to create the future that we really desire.

Looking back and letting go
So, questions first and then we need to let it go…

1: List all the things that you really didn’t like about the last eighteen months
2: Identify anyone who hurt you made you angry or upset
3: What was the worst things that happened to you?

Letting go
Now write a paragraph about each of the events above stating what you truly feel about them. Light a bonfire or Bar-B-Q. Focus on each of the idea, thoughts and emotions that you have written on the paper, you may need to read each one out loud and then one by one burn each piece of paper while you consciously let go of all emotional attachments that you have to each event.

What is, is over, what was done is, is done. The last eighteen months have past and it will never come back. Let it go, let it pass, and allow yourself to be in the now. If you ruminate and relive negative past it is as though it is happening all over again, all the time, in the present moment – let it go.

Be positive
Look at things the other way around. What positive things happened last year?

1: What was your most positive moment of the last eighteen months?
2: Who was the most positive person?
3: Who helped you the most?
4: What was the best thing that you achieved?

Now, get the journal habit, write down your answer to these positive questions in your journal, and any other positive things that you want to remember about the last eighteen months. Keep your journal with you and add ONLY positive things throughout the rest of this year.

Move Forward
Living in the present, unencumbered by the past, allows you to create the future that you really want, a future the serves you well. Because we know that what you think about you will bring about and that, thoughts become things and, what you feed will while grow and what you starve will die, the power of positive intention allows us to create what we want. All we need is persistent consistent focus and determination.

So, questions, what will you create for yourself in the rest of this year?

1: Imagine it is New Years Eve 2021 and someone is saying a few words about your achievements over the last eighteen months, what would they be saying?
2: if you were to write an affirmation that would support you being able to achieve what you want, what would it be?
3: what will be your greatest challenges that you need to overcome to achieve what you really want?

Journal time again. Write the speech, create your affirmation identify your challenges. Use your journal throughout the year and refer back to it on a daily basis. Allow your ideas, dreams and plans to grow and develop, refine your affirmation, record how you overcame your challenges and, every time something good happens to you record it in your journal so that in a years time you will have a record of all the positive events that you experienced to look back on that will help creat your positive.

Be happy and live n the present and make the next eighteen months better than the last eighteen months.

Sean x

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