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Today, when we recorded the podcast Ed and I were talking about the conflict between head and heart and how this could be effecting the current general election. We even had ex prime minister John Major clearly stating that he was really a conservative and would normally vote with his head but in the election he was voting with his heart and doing the best for the country and not voting conservative. He even encouraged other Tories to turn their back on Boris Johnson for this election in the hope that we would remain in the EU. I am not a Tory but I am with John Major on this one.

Throughout life we are faced with decisions. Often these will involve conflicts of head and heart. Many people, both men and women, have told how they knew in their heart, on the way to their wedding, that they should not go through with it. At the same time their head told them that all the people would be there, everything had been booked and they could not back down at this stage. Later, often years later, they have face up to what their heart was telling them and they end up in the divorce court.

People in the workplace are often forced to do things that they disagree with. This can happen a lot in the health service. We know that we should or should not do something but managers are telling us that we must act in ways that they are demanding. Those people that are prepared to stand up against the management often ‘have their card marked’ and end up paying for it later.

Most behaviour is driven by self interest. Whether we are voting to stay in the EU or to leave, is all about how we see how it will effect us. In reality the people that will have to deal with the consequences of this election are not the adults it is the children that will inherit what we do. This is at every level from the economy, to society, industrial production, international relations, climate change, plastic pollution and so on.

There has never been a more important time to think clearly about what we are doing than at this very moment. The vote today is the vote of a life time the vote of a generation. the worst thing that any of us can do is not vote.

Many people have suffered and died so that we could have the vote, have a say in what happens to us and to our country. I am hearing too many people say that they will not bother this time, they say what is the point? Well if we do not participate we cannot complain when things happen in the future.

I think that we should have a legal responsibility to vote, there should be no choice. That would at least ensure that we were informed as active participants. It is important that we vote even if our action is to spoil our ballot paper. They say that it is common in India for people to write on their ballot paper ‘none of the above’ and leave it at that. They took the time to express their opinion and share their point of view.

So, whatever you believe and whatever you think or desire to happen today – please vote-don’t waste it.

Take care and good luck

Sean x

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