A Day In Your Life

Over the last two podcasts Ed and I have been looking at our own days, what we do, and how that works for us. So, mine was a day in the life of a psychotherapist and this week we did a day in the life of ED. It was, for me, quite strange doing it because it made me think about what I was doing and the effects that it has on me and those around me. The result is that I am leaving my NHS role so that I can have more time to be sane and spend more time with the family. This move will mean my working week will go from 60 to around 30 hours. I suspect that it will feel a bit like part time but it will enable me to get on with those things that I want to do more of such as writing and creating audio and ebooks.

Taking the time to stop and look at what it is that we are doing is like doing a personal audit, a self audit. It is a time to stop and reflect and look back at what it is that we are doing and to decide whether or not we want to take this into the future. It is useful to have a plan in life and to have some idea of where it is that we are going. This should not be confused with the mindful idea of living in the present and not projecting anxiously into the future. Positive future projection is creativity. All creativity begins with an image that once considered turns into a plan. We then need to resource the plan, test it and then make it happen. This is the creative process.

I have been doing some work with the University of the Third Age, The U3A. This is an organisation committed to life long learning. In front of me are a group of thirty people. The majority are in their eighties, the young ones are in their seventies and the older ones are in the nineties. Looking at them you wouldn’t believe their ages. The magic thing that they all have in common is that they are all active, engaged, and as fit as they possibly can be. Their activity is strong and intense involving activities from learning Japanese to developing computer skills. The key for them all is that they are having fun. They have a common belief that…

You do not stop playing because you get old

You get old because you stop playing

They are still playing and enjoying it.

I see people in their thirties and forties that act like they are old people. They have given up, stopped learning and are feeling depressed. The thing that Ed and I both have in common is that we both enjoy what we do with our lives and yes, we are busy but we are having a good time. Those people in the U3A are also having a good time.

So, here is the deal. Spend the next week writing down what it is that you do everyday. At the end of the week review what you have written and score each thing that you have done with 10 being the best and one being the worst. Accepting that we have to do some things that we don’t feel that good about, most of your scores should be 7 or more, 8 or 9 is really good and 10 is amazing.

Think about it. How do you feel about your scores? If they are not too good it is time to change. What can you do about it?  If they are good do more of what you are doing now, if it works for you.

Take care and be happy

Sean x


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