Laughter is the Best Medicine

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.
Woody Allen

How can you tell when you’re really in the moment? Well, it’s hard to say, because when you’re in the moment the last thing you’re worried about is whether or not you’re actually in the moment. Does that make sense?

Jim Carrey is a funny guy. There’s a great stand up routine that he did early in his career when he says that the only time his trouble leave him behind are those precious few moments during a sexual orgasm. I’ll let you decide whether or not you agree with him.

One other route to your present? Laughter. Think back to the last time that you really laughed at something (or with someone). Fantastic, wasn’t it? You can’t quite put your finger on what was happening but, hey, who cares? It was fantastic!

I try to laugh as much as possible. It’s so easy! My Dad force fed me Marx Brothers movies when I was a kid. I’m a big Mel Brooks fan. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Brass Eye and Alan Partridge.

My friends are VERY funny. You probably wouldn’t agree as we’ve spent nearly 20 years honing our routine–trouble is it only works if you’re ‘in the know’. Our poor wives and girlfriends stare blankly at each other as we men roll around on the floor in stitches.

Go forth and laugh! Trawl the archives of YouTube for your favourite comedian or actor and laugh like no one is watching.

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